Saturday, December 31, 2005


Monday, December 26, 2005


"The Corpse root from the Corpse tree is very
much innate until activated. To make the spell a
special ceremony has to be undertaken and it is
as dark and terrible as you can imagine." Patrick
said dourly. "Like all Hoodoo or Voodoo as the
cinema people would let you believe, it is very
much a ritual formed on belief that the dead walk
among us and the Gods use us as their playthings.
Dada So had marked out a circle of fire and his
congregation danced wildly around it, drunk and
drugged on hashish and the whiskey I had supplied.
I stood naked but for a loincloth, tied to a stake
and I too was high and delirious."
Oh that was where I got the bondage bug from!
"Dada So began to screech strange and eerie commands
in a voice that was not his own, soon a young girl of
about 16 or 17 was brought through the crowd to
kneel before me. She was sweating profusely but
seemed calm and controlled as she gently loosened
the cloth that covered my manhood."
"No no no! I don't want to hear this! Eeew!" I
squealed repelled at the idea of my father naked
and bound.
"Sssh! Her fingers traced patterns over my chest
and she stood up and kissed me hard on the mouth.
The crowd began to hum and buzz with excitement
as an older woman dressed in red robes danced
with Dada So. By older I mean then the girl,
this woman was about 30 I guess. Live hens were
placed in her hands and she swung them around her
head by their legs. Suddenly and without warning she
bit a chicken's head straight off and placed the still
kicking and flapping body against my chest.
The blood coursed down me, the girl at my feet
began to retrace those patterns again this time in
blood. A second bird was decapitated and this blood
was soon streaming over the girl's hot bare breasts.
I felt very aroused and feverish, the girl mumbled
sweet nothings and mounted me. Someone cut the
cord that bound my hands so I could hold her to me.
She moaned and screamed with her passion.
I was soon rutting as hard and as wildly as any animal
in the jungle. The crowd encouraged me me
with catcalls of approval. Not before or since have I
ever felt that much a man. Male, totally male and
voracious! Whatever was happening kept me hard
without release, if circumstances hadn't changed I
would have gone on all night."
I shuddered, what picture for my tender head to
get around.
"Cut to the chase Pa, no more sex stuff." I said.
"I'm telling you the only way I know how."
He breathed deeply, trying to compose himself:
"Then Dada So stood behind her and I saw a flash-
it was his blade as he cut the girl's throat! No
I screamed! But it was too late, as we crashed
to the ground together and her life blood enveloped
me I knew she was already gone."
"Fucking hell." I said.
"There's more." Patrick said and stared directly
into my eyes. "I withdrew myself from her body
and was shocked to see blood on my penis, the
girl had been a virgin. Dada So became very
animated and he produced something that looked
like a wooden corkscrew."
"Did he stick it up your arse?" I asked hopefully.
"Rebecca this is hard enough, be sensible! He
placed this within the girl, then he rubbed it on my
chest which was covered with her blood and that
of the chicken's. Then he said that for now it
was over, the root would be buried with the girl
and on the 12th night after her funeral I
would have to dig it up at midnight using my
bare hands!"
"This sounds like a really bad movie! You
didn't did you?" But of course I knew he had,
he had done everything required to keep
himself alive, even at the expense of the
innocent. In my eyes he had fallen from grace
bigtime. Drugs, smuggling, whatever, but this
was too much.
"Damn right I dug it up! It was bound to her waist.
Was it worth it? Yes I've had a wonderful life. And
here it is now, look!" He placed a gnarled wood shard
in my hand. "It has been well used that is why there
is not much left. But what there is I give to you,
my beloved daughter. Use it wisely."
I looked at him and his eyes were twinkling, he looked
very much like a Gandalf sort person. If Gandalf was
a murdering bastard that is.
"I can do what I like with this?" I asked.
"Of course." He smiled serenely.
"Then this is my choice." I threw the evil twist straight
into Loch Ness.
I watched his face turn white like the snow and
I laughed at him.
"You are pathetic! If I had known I would have
let you rot in hospital!"

Becka M

Saturday, December 24, 2005


Becka M & Rainex

Monday, December 19, 2005


"The Corpse Root is fantastic! If you take enough
you literally 'die', that is until you have the antidote.
I took enough to have a heart attack and then
still my vital functions." Patrick said proudly.
I glared at him.
"You scared the shit out of us all and then you crow
about it like Peter Pan! You are an old guy for fucks
sake! Have you no responsibility? What about Catherine?
What about me?"
Patrick laughed:"Needs must when the devil drives." He
"Don't you cliche me! Don't you dare, when we have been
running around after you and I had to wear scrubs
and a leotard and I looked stupid." I shook so much my
fag as fell down my top." Shit!" I snapped wiping away
the ash.
"Catherine is beyond caring at what I do as long as I include
her, as for you, well let us just say I might have an
interesting offer to put to you." He handed me a fresh ciggie.
"Tell me about Dada So, how did this all happen?"
"As I said before me and So were like brothers when
I left Haiti for South Africa he came with me. He was very
much in his element there, he said the place had a certain
wildness to it that attuned the spirits, his magic was
potent and he soon had a small but discreet trade in
spells and potions. Mostly a white clientele, does that
surprise you?"
"No." I said as I hadn't got the connection.
"The White's had the heavy duty money, the were the
ones who safaried, the hunters of big game, the drug
dealers, the pimps."
"Men like you you mean?" I scanned his face but as
ever it was cool, detachedly smug.
"If you like, a certain kind of man, aging, afraid of his
own mortality, his impotence, his power leaving him.
These guys would pay anything for a hard dick and
remember this was before Viagra. White Devils the
blacks called us, not completely incorrect.
So became comfortable with his life just as mine started
to break down. I was too attached to my opium,
fantasy and dreams, I hadn't done a days work for years,
there was always someone I could pay to do it for me.
Life caught me and I was in a bad way, So devised a spell
that would be my wild card, my way out and my salvation."
Patrick leaned against me. "Please do not hold this
against me Rebecca, remember I was desperate."
"I'll try not to."I looked across the loch and wondered
if spells and magic were true then perhaps Nessie swam
beneath it's satin waters. Yeah right!
I was still waiting for the sex and chickens bit!

Becka M

Monday, December 12, 2005


"Just tell me." I said. To be honest I was a bit pissed
off, all this running around hoo-ha and there he was
large as life!
"Firstly I want to thank you my dear, you have done
very well for me and I am so proud of you." He squeezed
my arm.
"Yes yes!" I said impatiently:"I'm great, I know, get
on with it."
Patrick grinned and puffed his smoke into the chill
air where it made ribbons and swirls.
"I've traveled extensively in my life Rebecca and one
of the most interesting places I have ever visited
was Haiti." Another puff:"A place where life is cheap
and women are wicked!" A deep chuckle:"That is
where I met Dada So."
"So?" I was getting irritable and no pun was intended
even though I had made one.
"Dada Soleila, a great man, we were if you like, brothers
under the skin. For all our cultural differences, he was
the person I could most relate to." He frowned.
"Ok, he was your lover." I nodded, sex, I could understand
"Rebecca!" Patrick laughed and cuffed my ear:"No! He was
my best friend, my confidante and to think he was once
my servant. No matter, what I need to tell you will
explain everything, everything that is about being near to
"Oh I'm not sure I want to know about death!"
"Rebecca, it might save your life one day!
Listen closely, Dada So was a Hoodoo Priest,
every day was spent in some way atoning to his gods
and acting out their will. Of course I thought it was rubbish
at first, you would with my upbringing. I just thought it
was a chance to tear up a few chickens and have
wild sex, so I was happy.
It turned out that Dada So's Real World was very
real indeed.
The dead can rise and the living can act as dead.
Anything is possible."
"If you start on about Zombies I shall scream." I warned.
"You are such a girl, it was a ritual, The Way of the Corpse
that allowed me to have a heart attack."
"I don't want to hear this but, go on." I hoped it would
be all sex and chickens.

Becka 'Freak-out' M

Monday, December 05, 2005


I was a fool, the worst kind, a fool that thought she
was clever, a real player, when in fact I was the one
being taken for a ride!
How could I not see that Mal had the hots for Alan?
Was I that blind? Apparently so.
Yeah sure Mal flirted, but he flirted with everyone,
even D! And he'd fucked me!
I felt very bad about this though, it was like the
stories you read in Bella, 'Gay Best Friend Stole
My Man!' and now lives next door etc.
I couldn't stand it.
Not Alan.
I was sitting on the lodge's verandah, very much a
suffering Southern Belle (if you could account for
the cold, the snow, the fact I was in Scotland and
a Cockney!) But you get the picture, I puffed away
on my ciggie like it was a lifeline-bastards!
How could they do this to me?
If Alan turned gay on me now, that really would
be it.
End of.
End of life as I know it at any rate.
Those small hours in the night, why is it that you
always have to think about deep shit at that time?
I thought about Angela, hey she could marry Justine
for real now, oh if Justine wasn't already doing the
rug munch on Ruthie that was.
What was it about the girl that sent shivers down my
The insanity, the violence, or just the sweet tongue
sending me wild.
If I was truly gay then she really would be my girl.
And she gave a good haircut.
I thought of Alex happy with Sean, but oblivious to
the rest of us buggers, no change there then!
I thought of Mickey Straw and how pissed off he must
be with me and how much I would miss shagging him
as that door had well and truly closed.
I thought of Jeff so sexy, such a bastard and how
happy we had been, correction, how happy I had
thought we were before Estelle.
I thought of the twins Jude and Quinn and as always
felt a cheesy grin spread over my face like Pluto
or something! Those boys, made for love and 100%
I thought of Skinner and giggled, he was my moment
of madness bless his heart!
Mal, dirty dirty bastard! I chuckled and puffed again.
I thought of Raine, D and Aidan, shit I would have
to phone her as she would be worried.
And extremely angry!
I watched my plume of smoke trail into the icy air
and was surprised to see it joined by another.
I turned and nearly pissed my pants in shock!
Patrick stood there smoking a cafe cigar.
He looked good.
He should have looked like shit.
He looked as hale and whole as though he had just
returned from a cruise in the Caribbean.
What was going on?
He sat down next to me and smiled:"I'd better
"Well, yeah!" I pinched his arm, sure he was real
Patrick kissed my hair and sniggered.
"Becka, do you believe in the supernatural?"

Becka M

Monday, November 28, 2005


"Mal are you sure your gay?"
For he was doing a pretty fine impression of a
heterosexual and a darned alpha one at that!
"No, give it up." He said and began to slam me ragged
against the side of his sofa. Anal was fun, not my fav,
but pretty cool as far as fucks go.
"We had better be quick, Alan could come back at
any second." I warned. How would I explain that one?
"Bloody hell!" Said Mal and came spontaneously,
"I didn't mean that quickly!" I said through gritted
teeth, I was nowhere near coming and left high and
"It's just Alan, when Aye think of him Aye get
goosebumps." He grinned;"You must have noticed,
he's smashing."
I was the one shivering now.
"What? You like Alan? My Alan?" I must have looked
as thick as Jade Goody, my mouth was hanging open.
Mal grinned.
"Ye are not the only fishee in the sea!"
"But!" I exploded:"Alan is straight and he's mine, you
ginger bastard, hands off!"
As if on cue Alan shuffled in, covered in flecks of snow
and a shit kicking grin on his face.
"You never will believe me but I think I saw something
move in the Loch!" He smiled like a school boy.
"Isn't he adorable?" Whispered Mal.
"Yeah and nuts, hey Al, ever take it up the arse?" I said
Alan's eyebrow did a Spock rise.
"What a thing to ask!"
"Oh of course he did, he went to public school." Said Mal
Alan shuffled again.
"Well that's not strictly true Mal, but some people
"And you?" I asked, big hypocrite queen that I am!
A further shuffle:"Any one for tea?"
Mal exploded with laughter.

Becka M

Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Have you ever driven to Scotland with a Drag Queen,
a Witch, a Cadaver and a pissed off boyfriend? No,
neither had I until recently.
I'd call it brisk.
Yes definitely brisk.
Like cold water chucked in your face.
Alan was certifiable by the time we had reached Mal's
lodge in Inverness.
He fell out of that car and crawled pathetically along
the rough shale path.
"Get up!" I shouted.
"I'll have you know that I'll never be able to do the
Rumba again!" He groaned bitterly.
"I'd love to see you Rumba." Purred Mal and helped
Alan to his feet. He had car-legs, you know when
they don't work properly after a long drive.
Cars, don't make them for long legged folk, I guess
they think we can walk everywhere. Short arses,
hate them. Oh sorry Raine!
I helped Catherine get Patrick into his wheelchair,
he still wasn't quite back yet, his mouth was open
but he seemed to be breathing better.
"We look like a careparty!" Laughed Mal, he had a
point, Alan held onto his arm glaring like a male
Medusa with his unruly hair blowing every which
Very heroic.
Unruly hair, should be in a Harlequin book really.
Alan would fit.
Mal wouldn't, mind you Mal wouldn't fit in Sex and
the City, the dirty boy!
I could still feel him inside me, wooden and slick,
my own personal Maypole.
"C'mon pur-leaze! Let's see what the Auld shed is
like now! Hopefully it is still dry."
Shed was not the word, it was lush, thick sheepskins
on the floor, leather sofas, spotlights, a stainless steel
kitchen and an outdoor hot tub!
"It'll do." Conceded Catherine.
"Oh Aye am pleased!" Said Mal with deep sarcasm.
I think we were all happy that it was in such good
condition, it was more then I had hoped for.
Trouble was there was only one bedroom which
Catherine and Patrick bedded themselves down in
faster then the speed of light.
We would have to sleep in the lounge-cum-diner
as luckily the sofa could turn into a bed.
I'm going to have a look at the water." Said Alan and
strode off with the torch towards the loch. I just
nodded foolishly, truth was I could hardly look at him,
he was the best, my main man, my boo and my honey,
but I still needed more.
He was not enough.
For me.
I was alone with Mal for the first time since
our encounter. He beamed like a naughty schoolboy.
"Mal, you know what we did was bad, you are
gay, well at least I thought you were!"
"Aye am gay! Did you think your slick little
pussy, silky breasts and firm arse would
change the direction of my cock?" He looked at
me challengingly. I gulped, what could I say.
"Well, yeah ."
Mal threw back his head and laughed.
"Oh Becka what are we going to do with you
hinny?" His warm hands reached for me and
were soon inside my jacket.
"What do you want to do with me?"
"Turn around." He commanded.
I was about to take it like a man.

Becka M

Friday, November 18, 2005


"I am never going to eat a pie again even if it's cooked
by Gordon fucking Ramsey." Groaned Alan as he hunched
over the steering wheel like someone on the brink of
dysentery (which he was!)
"Well aye thought it was mildly pleasant." Said Mal.
"You are Scottish, you eat deep fried Mars bars and
sheep stomachs!" I retorted as I felt like I had some
hot curry sauce of my own going on in the boiler!
"Well Mr Ramsey himself is a Scot!"
"Have you heard the fucker speak? I've never heard a
Scot speak like that!" Said Alan.
"Stop ganging up on me!" Mal squeezed tighter between
Catherine who was asleep with her mouth open (good
teeth, no fillings!) and Patrick who looked ever closer
to easing himself out of his mortal coil!
I was dressed like Madonna (I kid you not) in tights,
a fucked out leotard and a bomber jacket that made
me look like Huggy Bear with tits. Red and pink and
even, gulp, leg warmers (drag queens always have
to tinker with a look).
"Mal!" I screamed when I saw what he had packed for
me:"You Goddamned fucking freak! Don't you realize
real women like to wear proper clothes, not drag!"
"If it's good enough for Maddy......."He laughed,
But he wasn't the one getting the evils from, like,
everyone! We stopped at a petrol station as not only
did I need to take a dump, but we did need petrol!
I stagger across the tarmac like some 70's nightmare,
Madge is Madge, but I'm Becks, I'm meant to
be skinny and slinky and dressed beautifully.
I cannot always do high fashion. I'm as thin as a model
but it hangs wrong. I look, well, soppy.
"Hey look at that! She forgot her trews!" Laughed some
toothless fucker standing next to a hairy goon
with a baseball cap that said NEW COCK CITY.
"Oi love do ya think I'm sexy? Do ya want to touch
me? Come on sugar let me know!" Screamed the
idiot with the hair.
I let him know alright:"Kiss my arse!"
"See? She does fancy me!"
"Yeah and you can see most of it anyway!" Laughed
I hate my life.
I returned to the car to see Mal and Alan laughing
together (at me who else?) like a couple of fairies.
"Cunts!" I hissed.
"Aye am so jealous! What truly lovely men, Becks
you always pull the best." Twinkled Mal.
I looked at him coolly:"No always." I said like an
ice chip, his mouth looked hurt, good, lucky I
hadn't punched him in it.
So we were set now heading towards Inverness
and more mayhem.
But all I could think about was Mal's huge dick
slipping in like that, oh dear maybe I need a
pussy lift or something?
The guilt certainly gives me an edge, oh and
not smoking, the car is too packed to smoke and
Alan drives like a nut so we should soon be there.
Then I will smoke 101 menthols in a row and
breathe like a dragon.

Becka M

Monday, November 14, 2005


It was silly but such fun! Me and Mal
splashed eachother in the tub like children,
although we were very aware of our bodies
so close and intimate.
He was beautiful, truly lovely, like a stone
Adonis brought to life, but put it this way a
fig leaf would have been far too small!
Mal's dick was like a rolling pin against my
back and his hands delved every now and
then into my pubic hair much as a child would
raid a sweet jar, furtive and cute.
We soaped eachother all over and suddenly found
that we had grown silent, this was serious.
I was very aware of his breath warm against
my cooling skin.
"Mal." I whispered confused.
"Sssh." He gently turned me so that his dick rested
between my buttocks.
"We are not going to do this." I said as much to
convince myself.
"Aye have never be'en with a hin as beautiful as
"Can't do it." I shook my head violently:"You heard
Al, not good, friend's and all."
"Let me just rest inside you a moment."
Like silk he slid into me, filling me up and rising me
in the water like a mermaid! Everything with Mal
was big and dramatic, why not the sex?
For a second I shivered against him, feeling his back
arch lovingly and my pussy swell and ache with
him. So full, pizza, gateau and beer full.
I grinned like Noodle in Gorillaz.
Then I heard the swipe card in the door and Alan
walked in. We had been so turned on that we had
not notice time ticking a whole 20 minutes had past!
Time froze now. Mal stopped breathing and I felt
myself hovering on the edge of orgasm, I longed
to move.
Anything could happen in this stretched out
Alan shook his head:"I knew you two would be in the
bath, hurry up and get out, I've got some of those
God awful pies from a service station. They must
taste better hot then cold although that is not
saying much. Oh that Catherine is a bitch by the
way, she didn't even say thank you for the vodka!
Patrick seems a bit more awake, I'd go and see
him if I was you." He shook his head again. "You guys!"
He bustled off as only Alan can bustle.
He hadn't noticed at all.
I clamped my hand over my mouth and came hard
against my lovely Mal, whose eyes were shining
He withdrew still erect and unspent.
"Am Aye not the butch one?"
I laughed shook up and flame legged, one day Alan
would boot me from his life for my shenanigans.
But not tonight.

Becka M

Wednesday, November 09, 2005


I walked across to Mal, naked, unashamed and
horny as hell, I sat firmly on his lap and pulled
his knee between my thighs and squeezed
"What are you doing?" Asked Mal.
Alan groaned.
"Becka I am tired." He said flatly.
"C'mon here then." I held my arm out invitingly.
Mal shifted uncomfortably.
"No I'm tired of all this bullshit."
How many times had I heard that from him?
Countless and he always came back for more.
Always would.
"Don't be that way! Come here I want to taste
But Alan for once wasn't having any.
"No I shall attempt to find a shop to buy that
old harriden some booze, if I don't come back
it means that I have finally realized all of this
is senseless." He reached over and kissed my
"You will come back though?" I was worried.
Alan shrugged:"Yeah of course. Look, don't
fuck Mal eh? There's a love, he's our friend,
it's stupid."
"Aye agree!" Said Mal, though his hands were
stroking my arse lovingly.
"Spoilsports!" I stuck my bottom lip out childishly.
Once Alan had gone Mal suddenly stood up and
pulled me to him.
"You are gorgeous! Let's bathe together!" He
carried me effortlessly into the bathroom and began
to top up the bath water I had left.
He was soon naked and he had the biggest cock I had
ever seen in my life!
"Bloody hell!" I squealed delightedly.
"Hands off Missus! This is for the boys!"
Whilst the bath filled I did my best to contain my
excitement .
It was already dribbling between my legs!
In the bath I sat with my back against his
chest, I could feel his dick hard and long bobbing
lusciously against me.
"Oooh Mal!" I laughed.
"Who would have thought it?" He mused.
Not me, but I was feeling it now and it was dead
firm and sexy.
Pity he was gay.


Thursday, November 03, 2005


The receptionist looked at us wearily, in a Travel Inn
with a high turn over of clients, she must have seen
everything in her time.
We looked good though, me in filthy green scrubs, Alan,
well Alan always looks odd in his all black clothes.
Mal supa-dupa bling-chav fairy , Pa comatose in
a wheelchair, Catherine dried out corpse fairy.
We probably made her night.
Mal paid and we were given swipe cards for our rooms.
Pa and Catherine had a disabled room, but me and the
guys had to share a family room as that was all they had
left. I looked at Alan ouch!
"Great." Muttered Alan in a distinctly un-great way.
"Young Lady can you direct me to the nearest bar."
Said Catherine The Geek in her rude superior way.
"Sorry, the bar is closed." The girl smiled slightly, like
someone who had come to the end of their shift and
did not give a shit. I liked her.
"Well that's just not good enough!" Shrilled Catherine.
"Easy Tiger." I said and patted her arm:"I'll get washed
up and then I'm sure I can find an all night garage or
shop." Truth was I could do with a drink myself.
Catherine looked tired and reluctantly agreed to go
and wait for her booze.
After tucking the oldies into their room, we began to
make ourselves at home in ours.
I ran a bath quickly and stripped off, it had a shower
but all that driving had made my back ache like a
motherfucker. Only a bath would do for that deep
down clean.
I had left the door open and Alan stared in at me,
disapprovingly of course!
"Shut the ruddy door!" He commanded.
Mal peered at me and his eyes widened.
"You have a nice set of tittie hin."
He really stared, Alan shut the door irritably,
I just heard Mal say:"Aye must be coming down
with something, Aye could swear , my dick
just twitched!"
"For fucksake!" Shouted Alan:"Now even the
gayest bastards want you! What are you-
The Second Coming?"
I laughed in my bathtub:"Second? What about third
or fourth?"
"Bitch!" Scowled Alan.
Sadly I was turned on to think Mal of all people would
find me attractive.
I rubbed myself pathetically under the water, gosh
wouldn't it be nice to masturbate in front of Mal?
Or to get caught doing it! Jeez I was sixteen all over
"Alan hon, I need you, now." I said in a weedy whiny
"No." Said Alan. "We have a guest with us, have some
I felt pissed off, the cunt! Why he had had me shagging
in public plenty of times, I wasn't going to do it in
front of Mal, I just needed it now!
"Manners!" I roared and jumping out of the tub walked
stark naked into the bedroom. "You should treat
me with some respect-I asked for you, you should
bloody come!"
Mal started to laugh.
"This is like Dynasty, only nastier!" He clapped his
hands together with joy.
Alan looked shocked that I would do this.
"Becka have you lost all of senses? You are acting like
a slut."
Slut? Boy he hadn't been born!

Becka 'Messiah' M

Wednesday, October 26, 2005


We picked Mal up near the northern exit on
the London Orbital, the good old M1!
"Where 'ave ye been? It's freezin'!"
He moaned and nagged, he was dressed boy-wise
in a chavtastic tracksuit with bling style necklaces.
I noticed a particularly cute one that said Bugger.
"Oh look at yew!" He laughed at my filthy scrubs.
"Ya look like a used tampon!"
"That's enough of that!" Said Catherine:"She might be
a filthy little baggage, but please don't talk so rough!"
"Oh mai god! It's Bette Davis!" Teased Mal.
Alan snorted in the front and Patrick slept on,
blissfully unaware of any kerfuffle.
"Did you phone Raine? What did she say?" I cringed and
waited for the answer.
Mal pulled a wry face:"Nothing to worry about hin, forget
it, she's ok, well when she discovers her powers of speech
and loses the Tourettes."
I pulled a face at Alan, god it was turning into rent-a-mime.
"Look do you really think I am going to drive all the way
to Scotland, then you are sorely mistaken." Grumbled Alan.
"Well you will be pleased to know Aye have booked us
into a Travel Lodge just outside Nottingham!" Said Mal
thrilled with himself.
"What a ghastly place!" Snarled Catherine.
"I'm not driving all that way! You can take over Mal."
"Nooo way!" Said the camp Hebridean.
"I'll drive." I said firmly.
"Oh for fucksake!" Said Alan.
"No I shall drive." Said Catherine firmly.
"Over my dead body!" Said Alan:"I can smell the alcohol
on you!"
"What are you implying young man?" Catherine sharply
yanked Al's hair making him swerve wildly.
"Leave the hair alone! Becka drive, please, as long
as I don't have to sit next to her."
"Aye hate this journey." Whined Mal. Jesus he had been
in the car for all of ten minutes! He was right though, it
was crap.
We pulled in a layby, Mal sat next to me, in the back
Patrick was propped up like a corpse between Catherine
and Alan, like the Berlin wall only British and still standing.
"Right." I said and gingerly turned the key:"Been a long
time since I've driven a car, but hey it's like riding a
bike isn't it?"
In the back I could see Alan reflected in my mirror
silently screaming.

Becka M

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


"Talk sense!" Said Alan:"You people are driving me
crazy! How the hell are we going to get him to South
Africa? Do you lot not even think for a second that
Airports and the like are the first place the police
will look for you?"
I patted his back:"Calm down sweetie, we are just
talking things through, nothings set in stone." I said
soothingly, it didn't work as he gave me a look from
Catherine spoke up, in the quavering tones of somebody
in the throes of a hangover.
"If Patrick wants to go to South Africa then that is where
he shall go! Obviously not tonight, we have connections,
maybe something could be arranged........" She looked at
me glassily:"Young woman can you please get this man
to pull over as I am going to be sick..."
"Shit!" I yelped and before I could relay anything to
Alan, she was promptly sick on the back of his head.
"What the fuck!" He bellowed:"Oh no!"
Patrick slept on, Catherine moaned and held her stomach,
I laughed insanely and Alan swore.
"Fuck fuck fuck fuck!"
Then my mobile sounded to the fab sound of Goldfrapp-
Ooh La La.
It was Mal.
"Ye dead?" He said.
"Um no, just a bit preoccupied."
"Well why have'n Aye heard from you for forty four years
or there abouts?" He sounded most put out.
"Listen Mal I am in a heap of smelly shit getting smellier
by the second." I glanced at Catherine:"I'll tell you what
As I told him he kept saying:"You don't say!"
Again and again.
Quite tiresome.
"Yes Mal I am saying and implicitly-yes!"
"Well you are up the swannie! Listen hinnie, maybe
I might be able to help. Aye have a holiday lodge in Inverness,
small place, quite quaint, near Loch Ness-it's yours."
"Mal if you were not fucking gay I would fuck you!"
The man was a marvel a bloody marvel.
"Charming." Said Catherine.
Alan rolled his eyes, Patrick stirred and chucked.
"Better then that Aye shall meet ye somewhere........."
We began to arrange details.
"Oh and Mal, bring me some clothes I'm filthy!"
"Will do."
"And phone Raine."
"On to it."
"And." I was rudely interrupted.
"Becka get off the fecking phone, I'm trying to pack!"
Becka (Fugitive) M

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


"Where to hot Mama?" Said Alan in a faux
Hispanic accent (just why he said it quite like
that was beyond me). Mind you I could have
been hallucinating again, don't call me mad for
nothing you know!
"I don't know, I'm just so pleased we got out
of there! What do you think Catherine?"
"I think my husband is waking up." She stroked
his cheek and yes Patrick's eyelids were fluttering
like butterflies.
"Patrick!" I bellowed into his ear.
"He is not deaf you know!" Hissed Catherine.
"I am now." Mumbled Patrick.
Alan nearly crashed the car, we swerved perilously
like the fugitives we were.
"Alan! Chill pill!" I snapped.
"Fuck off!" He shouted back cheerily, love this man's
bones I do.
"What is going on? I'm not dead yet am I?" Said Patrick.
"No, you are in hell with me and your lunatic bastard
daughter, she duffed up that Copper you know, Straw."
When she said Straw I'm sure I could see her eyes
glisten, dirty old cow.
"Did she?! Well done, don't worry I was on to him
all the while." Patrick yawned and I was impressed
to see that he had nearly all his own teeth, rich bastards
good teeth, no morals.
"I love you Pa, I really thought you would die and you
are in sooo much trouble." I realized I was crying
when tears dripped onto Patrick's pale face, Catherine
watched us like a sphinx (only she was smaller and
not Egyptian).
"Sorry to break up the hearts and flowers!
This is not going to last long if we don't have a plan,
tell me where I'm going! Mickey Straw will wake
soon, shit will hit the fan and the Cops will be crawling,
not to mention the Press." Said Alan in his usual
dramatic way.
"Take me home." Said Patrick.
"Home? Are you crazy, that's the first place the Police
will look!" Hissed Witch Wife from hell.
"I mean South Africa." Said Patrick and you could see
he was already there, glass in hand looking like the
Man from Delmonte and smuggling something
naughty down his trousers.
"I don't have enough petrol for that!" Laughed Alan.
But Patrick was serious.
This was not going to be easy!
Becka M

Wednesday, October 05, 2005


It was going well, I'd probably lost a couple of
pounds because of acute stress but everything
seemed to be going swimmingly.
My heart was dancing in my chest like Ricky Martin
(Hey another Martin!)
Nursie had checked Patrick who said that he
was fine, I'd managed to pull Mickey out of
the wheelchair and prop him up against the side
of the bed (he looked cute-like a gorilla) and
we had maneuvered Patrick into the wheelchair.
He did not look good, but he was breathing.
"Right." I said and running a hand through my
hair was surprised that it was wet with sweat.
With my yucky scrubs and sweaty hair, I looked
like I had just finished a long shift.
Catherine however looked blonde and icy cool,
she did not sweat, instead small particles of talcum
powder oozed from her skin, or maybe it was just
"Right indeed, we are all going to prison you
"Yeah I know." I smiled:"But look at it this way,
if Patrick's secret makes the paper, this is going
to make us notorious! This Morning, Paul Grady,
Richard and Judy are going to be begging us for
"Shallow bitch." Said a familiar voice, turning I saw
Alan standing in the corner like Death, he just needed
a scythe.
"Oh!" I said.
Alan's eyes flickered across to Mickey and he scowled.
"That fucking cunt!" He hissed and punched the
slumbering policeman in the side of his head.
"Hey!" I protested.
"Just making sure he stays that way, can't we push
him out the window?"
"No!" Said Catherine and me in unison.
"Will you explain to me what you are doing, or is
that going to be too hard for you both?" He crossed
his arms and looked completely pissed off with
"Everything will be explained, but later, just now we
need you to go get the car."
"You are killing my brain." He nagged. But being Alan,
shuffled off, sexy and compliant.
I tucked Mickey into the bed and looked into his
slack unconscious face, still a smashing geezer.
Catherine stared at him:"If I was only twenty years
younger." She said sadly.
"Oh I don't think Mickey is ageist. Come on we are
on the home stretch." Was this wishful thinking or
In my head I could see Patrick on a beach somewhere
nice laughing about all this.
In my head I also could see me and Alan fucking
like dogs in an alley (but that was just too distracting).
"Come on, we are good to go. Oh and Catherine, thanks."
She said nothing, but her small pursed lips flexed
slightly so I assumed she was smiling.

Becka M

Wednesday, September 28, 2005


I crouched over Mickey like catwoman (minus the
pervy clothes). Good he was still alive, there was a
mad moment of panic that I might have offed the
bastard, but no, the Copper had breath in him yet.
I had found some particularly grubby clothes in a
linen trolley, not blood splattered, more likely worn
by king/queen BO from the school of unwashed.
Nice. So I looked the part, even if I didn't smell it.
Catherine wrinkled up her nose.
"Christ you stink." She observed.
"Go do something useful, find a stretcher or something."
I looked down at Mick, which was good as he always
looked down at me.
I thought back to our 1st sexual encounter, he was 12 and
I was 14.
"Go on Becka, show me it, you know you want to." Said
the scabby, skinny, slum kid.
Trouble was I did.
I mean I wanted to show him.
Gingerly I pulled down my knickers which said SATURDAY
on them even though it was actually friday.
"Where's the hair?" He laughed.
I bristled (though not with hair as puberty was late coming
in the land of Becks).
"Don't be mad." He said and kissed me deeply, something
inside went ping and I squirmed away to my very first
It was always like that with Mickey, first times, my first
kiss, my first pussy kiss, the first time I blew him.
Losing my virginity. Doing a strip tease for all his friends
(though that is another story!) losing him to Sharon, my
1st broken heart.
I kicked him with my foot.
"Bastard." I hissed, what would I do without Mickey?
Probably very well.
He mumbled but didn't wake up.
Catherine returned breathless with a wheelchair.
"I thought we would push him on a stretcher or
"Well you thought wrong, this way if anyone stops
us we can say he has had a stroke, or we are on
our way to A & E." She smiled, clever old cow, I'll
give her that.
She looked at Mickey and frowned.
"Is that an erection?"
"Yeah, you must have seen one before, but Mickey
is always in a perpetual state of arousal."
Her pale blue eyes shimmered, she reached down
and touched his impressive bulge.
"Easy! That's not nice." Eeew, she was making me feel
"So very hard and firm." She began to unzip him.
"Whoah! Stop right there! That is quite enough lady!"
I slapped her hand away."Come on, let's put him in the
chair." Easier said then done, but all those years
getting Ma's drunk clients out of the flat had given me
the strength to move useless great hulks of man-flesh.
"Right, he's in-now what?" Said Catherine, breathless
and shiny eyed, she was still looking at his cock.
"I'll wait here, you going to get a nurse to check
"Duh? Because once checked and oked they will leave
him alone for a while, enough time to get the hell
out of here."
"What about the CCTV camera in the hall?"
"One thing at a time please!"
She marched off like someone who rides a lot of
I didn't like the way she looked at Mickey, sort
of hungry and no, still can't do old folk sex
things yeuch!!!

Becka M

Friday, September 23, 2005


I was most concerned because:

1./ How the fuck was I going to get Patrick
out of the hospital?

2./ If Mickey Straw woke up-he would kill me
no doubt about that. Also he could be quite
vindictive, Patrick would not fair well.

3./ Alan might find out about me being crouped
up in the lift with Mickey and that would not be
pretty at all.

I was sweating, panting and probably looked
as strung out as Kate Moss on a week night.
Shit did my nose really look like Owen Wilson's?
No it looked worse, he was a guy, it was hunky
an aberration on on a perfect face. I was as
far removed from perfect as Michael Jackson
was from reality.
Right Patrick, ooh first I had to get past Queen
of the Damned.
I decided I didn't care I would go through her
if necessary.
I burst into the room like Starsky and Hutch,
(probably Hutch as I hate those baggy cardies).
"Oh your back, well he's still not awake." Said
Catherine and turned away bitterly glaring out
the window.
I snatched her shoulder and turned her to face
"Look Patrick is in the shit now lady, with or
without your help I'm going to have to move
him. Are you in or out?" I forced her to give
me attention (maybe it was the arm behind
the back part that did it) which she did.
"Enough of that young lady! Why should I help
him, he's been helping himself for a very long time
now." Her chin set firmly, she reminded me of
that Persian cat in the Bond films, though less
hairy and not a cat.
"I would love you to help me, but fine, I can
do it on my own, but you will have to keep out
of my way! And shut the fuck up!"
I pushed her away, so frail and light she staggered
against the bed.
Patrick must have felt the vibration because
he mumbled something.
"Honey it's Becka!" I said and grabbed his hand.
"Pat, it's Cat, please wake up." She kissed his
other hand.
I felt very humbled, the old bag did love him
after all.
I also felt sick, Pat and Cat! I wanted to put
my fingers down my throat and bring up a
No good though, he did not stir, we both looked
"Alright, I'll help." She said grimly.
"Ok! I think I've worked out what to do next."
I grinned and whispered in her ear.
"That sounds risky." Catherine smiled back at me.
"Don't do that." I said.
"Nothing!" I shrugged, could hardly say not to smile
could I?
No time for sarcasm.
"Catherine, unhook Patrick from that monitor,
no, not the drip, we can take that with us."
"Where are you going?"
"I need to deal with a bald Copper in a staff lift.
Then we roll Daddy."
"Hmm, he's been rolling everyone else for years."
Muttered Catherine.

Becka M

Wednesday, September 14, 2005


"It all started in Africa." Said Mickey as he snatched
my breasts from their cups.
"What did?" I said stupidly.
"We did, the human race! But in your case this was where
Daddy went bad." He slurped on my titties like they
were raspberry smoothies, I scratched his head.
"Ok." He continued:"It was the 70's, wild times ahoy!
Wild for Daddy anyway. He was still young and South
Africa was the perfect place for a white rich and devious
man to prosper. Oh and did he! Apartheid was in full
swing and life was cheap. Ivory was expensive and in
demand, poor old Dumbo never had it so bad.
That was where he started, bits and pieces.
Oh and diamonds, did I mention the diamonds?
Wonder why the old buzzard hasn't given you any-
oh and the hash. Partial to that myself in my younger
days. Patrick had plenty of outlets I can tell you.
Slavery? Black and white. Boys and girls, sex and
domestic, can't say fairer then that! Patrick was
an enterprising geezer-he was reaping it in and
distribution was a doddle, who would have thought
of it a dealer and a fence in the House of Lords!!!"

We have an interval now where I try to digest this
information and Mickey tries to digest my pussy.

"But the opium?" I asked and gasped as he fisted
"That was what fucked it up, he tried it and liked
it himself. Too much. Soon he was spending
days on end dreaming and his workers were
getting greedy and dishonest! Dishonest, that's
a laugh eh? Do you know he lost an absolute
fortune, but he was rich enough anyway, him and
his crazy wife. It all came out in some old codgers
memoirs, else Patrick might be ok now.
He's a marked man you know, many people are
after him, that's why I was assigned as his body
guard, to protect him.
Really though I've been waiting the time out
to catch him. Looks like I might have missed
my chance if he dies." Mick looked sad.
I knew all about chance, I kissed my copper deeply
then head butted him as hard as I could.
Nothing happened.
My nose again throbbed like a squashed tomato.
"I didn't expect that." Said Mickey conversationally.
"Keep on using your nose to hit people girl and
you are going to look like Owen Wilson."
He then crashed to the lift floor out cold.
I used this as a chance to get Patrick the hell
out of there!

Becka M

Thursday, September 08, 2005


I shivered, Patrick a junkie! It did not seem real and opium!
The only person I ever knew who used that was Sherlock
Holmes and he was *fictional!"
"What does that mean Mickey? What's going to happen
My head felt tight like it would explode with tension
and my armpits were suddenly drenched with sweat.
"Damage limitation is the name of the game, I'm here to
deter the Press, at least until the old bastard wakes up
or croaks!" He laughed humourlessly.
I hit him hard in the chest, he crushed my hand painfully.
"Easy girlie! I'm here to help, you should be nice to me,
maybe all isn't lost yet." His green eyes shone with intent
and he began to claw at my top again.
"I like a hot sticky girl." He crooned.
"Mick you have to stop it! For my sanity please! Alan is
my boyfriend! Please don't mess my head up again, why do
you do it? Fuck me up I mean?"
I held his hands away, but it was futile he was much
stronger then me.
"Because you are the easiest lay in South London and
perhaps I like you too much. I think over the years you
owe me big time, all the scrapes I pulled you out of.
Times you could have been arrested, cunt boyfriends,
stalkers- you name it! Becka you will always be my girl."
I swear when Mickey grinned he had grown more teeth.
"Then tell me about Patrick, the opium, everything,
then we will see!" What else could I do? I was powerless,
normally a turn on, but this was something else.
Mickey had always been dominant, but this was like
Straw's Law-I was being made to do it!
Not what I had in mind.
I had to have some control.
I wished I was warm in Alan's bed covered by the
chocolate brown eiderdown, eating fingers of buttered
toast and drinking hot sweet tea.
Instead I was in a lift with Mr irresistible, who breathed
his nicotine breath down my top.
"We will start at the beginning with the poppies
and end with your freak Father."
As he said that Mick slipped a finger into my pussy
from behind.
"Just the way you like it." Mickey nibbled my earlobes.

I liked it alright, but this was the wrong man!

Becka M

* Well I think he was bloody well real enough!

Friday, September 02, 2005

DUST Part Three (Powder)

I felt that post orgasm thrum in my bladder, I
had to pee.
"Wait for me." I said to Alan, one day we would
be happy on the beach, in the sun, not a care.
We might, Alan was fairly well off and I'm good
at sitting on my arse. It could happen.
But that would not be today.
Definitely not.
I left Alan in one corridor and turning to find the
wc's , I practically collided with Mickey Straw.
"Mick!" I said (for that was his name).
His eyes were flinty and harsh, they had a new edge
to them that I had never seen before.
"Becks." He gripped me by the shoulders."I wondered
if I might see you here." He smirked, he seemed
pleased with himself as always.
"Well of course where else would I be when Patrick
might be dying!" The words said made me feel hollow
and sick and the urge to urinate was great.
"Excuse me will you? I have to find the ladies."
I tried to push past him.
"You don't know do you? Why Patrick's here."
"He's had a heart attack!" I snapped.
"Yeah, under mitigating circumstances, your Dads
in big trouble." That fucking smirk again.
"Tell me." I felt deflated, it was all coming to
a head now.
"Go and pee, I'll meet you here." Mickey commanded.
"Alan's waiting." I said weakly.
"Well let's not keep the man then! Hurry up girl."
Never have I peed so quickly.
"Well?" I said.
"Not here, the press are around, come on."
The Press? Oh all that stuff Catherine the Geek
had gone on about.
I felt torn really, I wanted to go back to Alan, but
I had to find out what was going on in Patrick's
life. That meant Mickey Straw, for someone who
had always made me feel safe and warm, he was
scaring the shit out of me now.
He pushed me into a staff lift.
"Up we go!" He said and his eyes had a twinkle,
next minute hands were down my top and
scrabbling at my waist band.
"Wait a minute! What are you doing? It's over
Straw get it?"
He laughed in my face.
"This is nothing love the calm before the storm."
His knee was parting my legs and his hand was
scrunching my breast like a sponge.
"Ouch! That hurts, tell me about Patrick!" I began
to punch and slap Mickey around the face.
Didn't last long.
He managed to get my arm up behind my back.
"Your Dad is in so much trouble they are going
to have to invent a different word for it!" He
thrust his hand down and opened his flies.
"Just give it a tug for old times sake hey love?"
I spat on it.
"Fuck you Copper!" I knew that he would hate
that and sure enough his attention was diverted.
"You bitch! Been around your swanky wanky
prick Alan too long haven't you? Always looking
down on the working man! Well baby I know
sooner or later you are going to come crawling
back. No matter, I'll think of a suitable punishment
for you." He laughed:"Patrick is punishment
for you in itself!"
"Mickey." I whispered my heart beating:"What is
going on please, I must know."
Mick lit a cigarette and passed it to me, in a
hospital too!
"Your Patrick Beamish has been a very bad boy!
Not only has he decided to become a high class
drugs baron, he's also addicted to the crap himself!"
I sat down in the lift, Pa a druggie.
"Coke?" I said.
"Nothing so coarse, get this your ole man is an
opium addict!"
So from dust to powder.
I began to cry.

Becka M

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

DUST (IER) Part Two

We found a store cupboard, very small and tight and
stocked with green surgical wear. I slipped into a
tunic and some of those socks they give patients to
avoid DVTs, I looked foolish I know.
"We can't." Said Alan:"I haven't got a johnnie on me."
Johnnie! How quaint, that is why I love him guys, he
always makes me laugh.
"Don't worry about it." I assured him:"You can come in
my mouth instead."
"Well put like that." He purred, Mr Adaptable as ever!
I was soon crouched over like some horny Orderly
setting the world to rights with my lips and teeth.
His fingers worked overtime in my snatch, I swear
that man has the longest, most pointiest fingers in
the world. They reach the parts other fingers cannot
"Eat me." I commanded.
"What do you want me to eat?" He said and his voice
was magical, sending me over the edge in anticipation.
"Lick my clit."
"The way you speak! Can't you say lady petals or
something prettier?"
I snorted.
"I will never say lady petals! I'd rather say piss flaps,
or camel toe!" I was laughing and peaking all the time
with my tongue doing the swirly swirl.
"You are a wicked terrible girl and I love it all! Especially
this bit!"
He laid me across a locker and pulled down my knickers
kissing my belly button and cupping my buttocks.
He began to french kiss my clitty, nibbling and licking
making me lock his head with my Beyonce thighs.
Alan stopped.
"Becka you are crushing my head!"
"You will be!" He warned.
I was soon wet and wild, creaming on his tongue and
shuddering as if I was being attacked by a conga eel.
"You are a creature set on pleasure." He said:"You
amaze me." Alan kissed me roughly.
"Now be a good girl and get dressed, we need to
see to your Father."
Reality is shit sometimes.
Back in the corridor Alan giggled.
"Becka you have gone grey!" He brushed my hair:"Dust."

I would get a lot greyer before the night was out and it
was not funny.

Becka M

Sunday, August 28, 2005

DUST Part One

I sat there doggedly watching Patrick's face for
signs of consciousness.
God I loved him.
Without desire.
He was my Father.
He couldn't leave me now could he?
Catherine watched me from her chair like one of those
fey Welsh women you see in faded postcards.
Colourless and full of spite she berated me and Patrick
time and time again. She reminded me of dust and cobwebs.
"Of course you realize that your Mother was a common
prostitute?" She snarled showing small pointed teeth
like Justine's.
What were they cat-people or something?
"Yeah Ma's never hid it, at least we ate I suppose."
I tried to make light of it, but it was nasty. I was the
child, it was not my fault who made me and definitely
not my fault Ma was a brass.
"Patrick always liked to put his dick in the shit! Your
Mother used to scrub my floors, how does that make
you feel?" Her voice was like a rasp.
"Feel? Not much at all actually, no let me re-phrase
that, I'm sorry for you. Sorry you are so bitter
and twisted, sorry you like the sherbert too much.
Sorry you can't act like a wife, he might die, then
"You filthy little whore! If he dies, then good! If he
survives he's not going to like it, me knowing about you
and the press knowing about his other little secret."
She smiled in a demented way, I knew a lot was bravado,
of course she cared about her husband. But this secret,
what was it? I demanded to know.
"Tell me!" I raged.
"You will find out tomorrow if our man can't stop
the press."
"I have a right to know!"
I did not know I was shouting, a nurse came running.
"What are you doing?" She glowered at me. "I think
you had better calm down Miss."
"I'm going to get some air." I ran my hand through my
hair, which was standing up in filthy tangles and spikes.
Nice. The lobby was filled with sick people waiting, their
loved ones and medical staff.
Then I saw him.
He sat in the waiting room, so dark and imposing,
when he saw me he sprang up and held me to him.
"Raine phoned me." He kissed my hair:"How is he?"
"Not good."
I stroked his dark grey shirt, grey you see not black,
must be summer! I loved his daftness. I smelt his
neck, delicious and mine.
"Maybe." I said and squeezed his arm: "You might have
ideas about taking the edge off my nerves?" I leered at him.
He looked shocked.
"Becka! Patrick might be dying and you want to......!?"
It was a bit sick I must admit, but I needed to feel
safe and alive and this was the one way I knew would
"We need to find a store cupboard. Preferably with
surgical tape."
Alan began to warm to the idea.

Becka M

Monday, August 15, 2005


"What are you doing here?" Snarled Justine implying
something nasty, something sordid.
What could I say? Patrick had never told Catherine about
me, they probably thought I was his tart!
I looked around helplessly.
"I got a call." I said weakly.
"From whom young woman?" Said Catherine, I didn't
like her one little bit. Imagine a woman so cold that she
made my Ma seem like hotstuff!
Who was the call from?
"From the hospital, from Patrick himself, he wanted
Becka here. " Said Raine who appeared from no where
like the Shopkeeper in Mr Benn.
I smiled gratefully.
"And who are you exactly?" Said Catherine (Catherine The
Geek-I think).
"I'm Raine, Becka's sister." Raine smiled.
A wave of irritation spread over Catherine's face or
maybe she had indigestion or something.
"And who is this Becka?" She roared spraying Raine
with spittle. Bless her, she was good, Sister-thing I
mean, not an Eeew in sight and she didn't wipe either.
"Come on Becka, what are you doing here?" Said
Justine, she looked at Angela:"And what are you doing
with my girlfriend , exactly?"
Angela grinned.
"Jealous are we pet?" And smiled nastily.
Oooh none of this was good.
"Only two of us need to be here ok? That's Catherine
and myself. So could you all leave, Raine don't go too
far might need a lift home."
"Here's a twenty, I've had enough of this place it's
giving me the creeps." Raine left with D.
"Do you want me to wait?" Whispered Angela.
"No, take Justine before someone alerts a crash
team, I'll be fine."
Justine gave me a radioactive grimace and left
haughtily striding in front of Angela.
Catherine looked across at me over her prone
husband's body. She had a triumphant holier-then-
thou look on her bitter shrew's face.
"Catherine we really need to talk." I said.
She laughed, she actually laughed.
"What could we possibly have to say to eachother? I
suppose you think that you are the 'one'? "
That bitter weary laugh again.
"No, I'm not the one but I am certainly important to
I touched his hair.
"Don't you touch him you filthy little whore!" Snarled
this suddenly violent, scary woman.
"Catherine, I'm Patrick's daughter, he didn't want
you to know but that might be academic now."
Her milky blue eyes widened.
"I don't believe you!" She turned her back.
"It's true, look at me, really look at me, I'm
Patrick's girl alright!"
"Then I hope he dies!" She spat and burst into tears,
somehow I swallowed my fear and held her. She
was thin and lifeless as her poison niece Justine.
"You don't mean that." I said against the softness
of her hair, it smelt of roses, sort of Turkish delight
Her breath was a different story, it smelt like a
Vauxhall wino's.
"I think you should leave now." She said firmly.
"I'm not going anywhere."
"We will see."
We did.

Becka M

p.s off on hols now, speak later!!!! Rainexxx

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

TRUE BLUE (when they met it was moidur)

I clasped Angela's hand feeling it's warmth and
safety. Christ I'd been a fool! Skinner might be a
sad, stupid freak, but he was a dangerous sad
stupid freak! I should learn, really I should.
"Where is my wife?" Said D quietly.
"She's just coming." Said Angela, for a second I felt
terror, I mean Sister-thing is tiny, maybe she was
already in peril?
I shouldn't have worried, she bounced out of the
club, curls flipping and jaw like granite.
God I loved her(sometimes).
"Ok?" I said.
"Yeah 'course, me and Grady go way back, back
to school at any rate. Little ponce he was then,
hasn't improved much has he?"
"What did you do?" Said Angela.
"It was not so much as what I did as what I said!"
She began to snigger.
"What did you say?" I asked.
Raine snorted:" I'm not telling you , you would use
it! And it's far too precious for that!" She sniggered
"Tell us!" Implored Angela.
"Kiss my tootie! Oh you probably would-forget that then!"
So what ever she said, whatever she had over Grady
would stay hidden for now.
I couldn't worry anymore, she was safe and now I had
to concentrate on Patrick.
And later revenge.
Should I tell Alan d'ya think?
Maybe not-he's lovely but hardly the toughest cookie
in the bakery.
More crisp then crunch.
Sorry I'm rambling again.
I thought of Mickey Straw, I'm sure he would have
taken Skinner to a dark alley somewhere and given him
concrete boots or something.
Or maybe just a slap.
We reached Westminster hospital and went straight
to the cardiac unit.
Well he was out of intensive care and in his own room.
But he was unconscious and tubes seemed to be coming
out of everywhere.
"Can't be doing with that." Said a pale Sister-thing, her
and D went off to get coffee.
I sat holding Patrick's soft hand (never work these
Tory bastards) and just hoped he would be ok.
Angela looked into his face.
"Handsome, for an old guy."
I looked at him, yes he seemed older now without
his blue eyes showing his sardonic wit.
"Love you!" I said and kissed his mostly grey hair,
where had all the black gone recently?
"Just what do you think you are doing young woman?"
Said the imperious tone.
Looking I stared into the impossibly pale and angry face
of his wife Catherine.
That was not the worst.
She was being escorted by my nemesis, Justine.
"Morgues that way!" I said to her obligingly.
Angela just cringed.

Becka (lovely) M

Saturday, August 06, 2005


I could not believe I called him Master!
I just knew that I had to get past this moment, to
push forward in time to a place where I would be
safe with Alan and this would be a memory.
They tell you if you are kidnapped or in a hostage
situation the best thing to do would be to comply.
No matter how shitty it made you feel.
If you lived then you could always get your own back
another time.
Oh and I would.
To be sure.
Skinner would piss blood in hell for this if I had my way!
The sharp metal thing deep in my hoo-ha was Skinner's
nasty metal thumb claw, I was too scared to breathe,
too scared to move, less I be scratched inside.
It was not sexy.
He thought it was.
"You are lovely." He purred in my ear:"I could eat you up,
all of you." I had to stop myself from head butting
him. Was I losing my nerve? He was groaning and twisting
Skinner, to think I liked him once.
Well the idea of him.
And I realized that he was fucked.
Fucking insane.
Grange Hill Nutjob.
I'm really quite slow on the uptake.
In the other room I heard Angela screeching about figures
What were they doing to her?
"I'm going to lick you all over." Promised Skinner.
I shivered. If I got out of this I would make bald-boy
If I got out.
I was pathetic.
But I was alive.
Then I heard raised voices.
One voice in particular.
"I don't give a fuck! Where is my bloody sister?"
Sister-thing Raine!
The door handle started to turn.
"Dress yourself." Said Skinner harshly and withdrew
his claw, I could breathe again.
I felt like a droopy ragdoll, I was sodden with perspiration.
I heard Grady's voice.
"She not here."
"I know she's here! Becka get your arse out here
NOW!" Raine boomed.
The door opened and she entered.
"You can't go in there." Said Neck who was looking freaked.
"Try and stop me." She said.
Raine entered the room all electric hair and nervous
She looked at me, sweaty, shaky and pale.
Skinner, sweating red and excited.
"Would somebody please explain to me what the
fuck is going on?"
Nobody did.
Angela entered , another sweaty disheveled person.
"I don't want to know!" Roared Raine:"Becka I had
to find you." She placed a hand on my shoulder:"It's
Patrick, he's, ah, had a heart attack."
I began to shiver again.
Sometimes it's hard to cope.
Raine felt my forehead:"You ok?" She said:"You are
burning up!" She looked at Skinner.
"What were you doing?" Her light voice belied her
rage, she looked at him as though he had crawled
from under a stone.
Skinner smiled to reveal his fangs.
Raine pulled a eeww face.
"Nothing she didn't want." He lisped.
Raine's mouth set into a smile line, the small cleft
in her chin vanished-she was grinding her teeth
"Angela take Becka out to the car, it's a
Volvo, blue." Her voice was of a woman not to
be ramped with.
Angela nodded and pulled me along.
Bloody hell.
Patrick! If I lost him now I would surely die!
Don't know how she got me through the swaying,
baying crowd, but she did.
"Come on kid." Said Angela, we approached the Volvo,
D looked at us. He didn't say anything.
Smart man.
We piled in.
"Hey D." I said and sniffed, he nodded and looked
"What happened to you?" Said Angela.
I shook my head and horror! Two tears rolled down
my face.
Blast I hated to cry.
Waste of salt.
"Ok, I was trying to get Grady to call off that bald
thug. I was asking him to name a price, any figure.
But he wouldn't, he just smiled." She frowned.
That was what she was yelling at.
I pulled my top up and blew my nose on the hem,
catching D's eye in the mirror, he turned away.
"You would do that for me?" I said in astonishment.
"Well yeah! I've put up with a lot of crap from
you, but you are still my number one." She hugged
me tightly.
Something very comforting about her large breasts.
Talking of tits-what was Raine doing?

Becka (survival of the fittest) M

Thursday, August 04, 2005


"That was silly wasn't it?" Said Skinner and whacked
me across the cheek with a back hander.
"Possibly, but not as silly as your lisp, didn't they
have speech therapists at your school?"
His mouth fell in shock as if he could not believe I would
talk to him like that, then he smiled.
Not a nice smile.
Seen better grins on a pumpkin.
So I cleared my throat and spat full throttle into his
The smile slipped for a moment.
Then he grabbed me by the hair and used me too mop
up my mess.
The smile stuck in place like a trophy from hell.
"No matter." He said and began to yank my knickers
"You can't have me you know, I love Alan and only
Alan (maybe Ruth a little) so you can fuck me, but
you will only be getting part of me." I said quickly.
Skinner looked thoughtful.
"That's ok too, It's your body I want most of all, the
rest, well Becka I never dated you for your brain did
I? Alan can have that, Daddy's coming home!"
He turned me over and brought the belt sharply across
my buttocks, it really hurt! Not a gentle to firm spankie,
this was the real McCoy!
The skin on my bum retracted quickly and the heat
pummelled me.
I moaned.
"Nice huh?" He said approvingly:"Or not? Mmm, let's
try harder shall we?"
I felt like my body wanted to evacuate from every orifice.
The body was under attack-the mind, well as he said,
didn't have much of one did I? In my head I knew what
would stop all suffering and pain.
One word.
One little word.
Would I call Skinner that?
Would I fuck!
Not yet-let him do his worst.
And worst came.
Skinner produced a rope and still smiling his eerie smile
began to bind my torso, everytime I fought him he gave
me a dead arm.
The rope held me constrained like a straight jacket and
my small breasts looked over inflated and shiny. My nipples
looked like they belonged on a porn star.
He sucked one, horribly too, dribbling and slobbering
like a sicko.
"This little piggie came to market." He said and bit my
nipple hard. So hard it bled.
"This little piggie stayed at home." He flicked that poor
gal with the buckle end of his belt, he'd skinned it for
"And this little piggie." He licked my cheek like it was
a toffee apple. I felt his hands squirm between my thighs
and something metal and cold enter me.
I screamed like a maiden aunt in a full time bath.
In a corner of my mind I hid and almost watched myself
being brutalized.
I was dead in the head.
I could not connect with what was happening to my
body. My straining sore breasts, my vagina pulling away
from the metal invader.
"Call me Master." Said the voice of GOD.
"Call me Master and this will STOP." Echoed his holiness.
"Master." I said in the smallest voice.
"Say my name." He said.

Becka M

Friday, July 29, 2005


"I don't think so." Said Grady:"This woman with
you. End of story." God I hated it when he talked
I began to sweat (well it was hot) and I hoped my
deodorant would hold out. Bad enough dying but I
did not want my epitaph to read:Brave little bugger-
but she stinks.
If I was dead it would be stank I guess.
I smiled at Skinner:"I hate you." I said sweetly:"And
you are a lousy shag!"
Neck tittered briefly, Skinner glowered.
"You wait." He said:"Wait and see what I'll do to you,
you will be begging for a shag!"
"I was begging for a shag when I was with you! That
will tell you how little I was getting!"
"You bitch!" He fumed.
I looked at Angela.
"What are we going to do?" She said.
"I don't know yet, but don't worry, something always
turns up, it always bloody does!"
"Maybe your luck has run out." Said Grady.
Maybe it it had........
They walked us through the crowd, people dancing,
kissing, getting drunk and pulling nipple rings. A
happy lot.
We must have made a grim spectacle, Angela being
restrained by her arms by both Neck and Grady
and me, well Skinner had his arm tightly around
me, we must have looked like and ideal couple.
They pushed us through the bar and behind to the
notorious Club Exit where all your fantasies can
come Pru.
I could hear Angela praying, not I hasten to
add to any Christian God, no she was mumbling
something Jewish sounding, so I guessed she
was into Kabbalah now. Then so was Aleister
Crowley. Pray faster, I urged in my head.
Skinner suddenly shut the door to the hidden
club and dragged me off down the hall into a storage
"This is where you will learn to be my woman."
He said in his lispy, affected voice.
"Shove it up your arse!" I said.
He punched me very hard in the stomach doubling
me over.
"Why fight destiny? You are my Muse, my queen,
but you act like a gutter-mouthed slut! I love
you more then any woman, more then Jeff and he
was sublime, but you throw it in my face! You
must learn humility and I will be your Master."
He began to roughly pull my clothes off, I still
could not fight, my arms felt like lead.
I was soon naked and sticking to the filthy floor,
I could feel little sharp bits scratching my soft skin
and I could swear that Angela was screaming in
the background.
Something about figures.
Didn't make sense.
Skinner flexed his belt and thrashed my legs
twice before I could yelp, then brutally across
my face. Yep, my fucking nose again!
I curled into a ball of pain, was this it then?
This stupidness brought about because of my
big mouth?
"Turn over, this is going to be nice." Cooed Skinner.
Mutely I obeyed, inside my head over and again
think think think!
But nothing, no epithany, no bolt of lightening,
I couldn't rely on lateral thinking.
No this had to be freestyle.
I smiled at Skinner:"Come and have a go if you
think your hard enough dickweed!"

Becka M

Wednesday, July 27, 2005


While everyone stared at me posing like a prat,
Angela was getting the upper hand of Neck-indeed
she was straddling him!
Could not help notice Neck had a big ole grin on his
face and an even bigger erection.
"Get you!" I said and kicked Skinner in his tight trousers!
No reaction.
No change there then.
"You are going to learn discipline if I have to pull your
pants down and fingerfuck you here in front of
everyone." He hissed like a viper.
Put like that......
"Run!" I said and grabbed my lovely Angela and we
flew in the way only a tall gangly girl and a tall
over-weight girl can fly.
Even Grady caught up with us.
"You foolish bitch." He admonished.
"You fat bastard." I said.
"I am an important woman! I can sue!" Warned
"Angie." I whispered:"They don't care hon, really
they don't."
"Oh dear." She said.
Skinner lashed out with his belt, in another life when
I was queen pervy of the perveramas this would have
excited me no end.
But I was not in the mood to be made into a display
"Hey guys." I looked at Angela, she was trembling and her
soft flesh made delicate little rippling motions."Let the
big girl go ok? I'm the one you are pissed with......"
So noble and so young!

Becka M

Sunday, July 24, 2005


'Those guys were fast as lightning and it was a little
bit frightening.' (Which was understatement of the
Right, Angela looks a bit shaken up, I guess her imagination
was working overtime. Us dainty ladies and those big
I grinned at Grady again and like my mouth was on a
compulsion to get me killed I said:"What you going to do
about it?"
Grady's eyes looked like they were going to implode
or something.
"You are a crazy bitch!" He yelps in an amazingly squeaky
"Tell me about it bebe!" I said like Austin Powers.
"Becka please!" Said Angela and gripped my wrist tightly.
I took the small plastic penis from her and threw it in
Skinner's face.
"That's a spare for you love!" I quipped, his eyes behind
their contact shields were hidden. But a bead of sweat
dripped onto his lip. If you forget the dick part he was
one sexy motherfucker for a baldie.
But I couldn't.
Forget the dick part that is.
Neck laughed, Grady and Skinner both eyeballed him.
"Sorry." He said quietly, I winked at him.
"For a criminal Neck you are a pretty cool guy, why
do you hang with such dead beats?"
Neck made a movement towards me and Angela
took this to be an attack, next minute she is wrestling
him down to the floor.
Oh dear.
This was signal for me to go beserk.
I lifted the small table and tipped it over,
covering Skinner and Grady in cream and
strawberries (nows there's a thought!)
"You fucking bitch!" Shouted Grady and threw
a punch, but being that his arms were on
the short side, he missed me.
"Oh I'm so scared!" I said in a sarky voice, I
really was though!
"You are going to die!" Bellowed Grady:"Yow!"
He shouted, Angela was biting his ankle.
Skinner looks at me and takes off his belt
"I'm going to give you the beating of your
life Becka." He said quietly.
This was not going good.
Where was Jackie Chan when you needed
I slowly raised a foot, everyone looked at
me, it was like time stood still.
My arms raised into the warrior pose
stolen from Sister-thing's Yoga book.
I made a deep low sound in my chest which rose
like a bird into a fearsome: "Aaaaaaaahhhhhh!"
Everyone looked at eachother.
"She nuts." Said Neck.
Not wrong there eh?

Becka M

Wednesday, July 20, 2005


"Yea'aah!" Says Missy Elliott in my head:"This is a
one time Missy Elliott exclusive!"
But it wasn't, it was just Angela tapping me lightly with
a plastic penis to get my attention.
"I think that champagne challenge might have been ill
advised, look the pigs are coming over."
I looked and like a scene from Dawn of the Dead, Skinner,
Grady and Neck ambled towards me.
"Brains!" I shouted loudly.
"What are you like?" Said Angela but she laughed.
"What's so funny ladies?" Said Grady, he made ladies
sound like bum fluff or maybe used toilet tissues.
"Funny?" Says Angela: "Maybe the prices of these
cocktails, they are extortionate!"
Grady smiled charmingly at her:"I did not mean you
Miss, you I meant". He nudged me with his foot.
"Cat got your tongue?" Lisped Skinner, his eyes glittering
"Maybe it has, Grady's got yours, it's up his arse you
fuckwit!" I turned away and saw Neck restrain
"I asked you a question, what were you laughing at?"
Grady had that false Jamaican accent that he used to
intimidate lesser mortals.
Like me.
I grinned (the one he hated) and winked ruefully.
"I was just thinking what a fool Alex was to let
you go, I mean a man like you!
What was she thinking to throw it all away for a
super sexy actor rising up on the fast elevator of
success. When she could be hanging here with the
homies watching people who really shouldn't squeeze
into man-made fabrics. Strange huh?"
Angela bit a small paper parasol in half in a desperate
attempt to stop herself laughing.
I looked at Grady.
And froze.
The man was red and sweaty like a rack of bacon,
something was cooking.
Pressure cooking.
Gonna blow.

Becka M

Thursday, July 14, 2005


What would Alan think about me sitting in the Ex Thrumz
having a drink with my old boss-old lover, Angela?
Well probably not a lot being that I practically blew his
brains out with the kind of blow job the wank mags describe
as deep throat. Please! He is propped up by the telly like
an old chap watching an episode of Sorry! That is sad,
so was Sorry, very clever, very cringeworthy. You did not
know whether to laugh or cry. Poor little Timothy, but after
awhile you wanted to slap him. Dated now though, but so am I!
Angela has lost some weight, still a big lady but I can clearly
see cheek bones and the barest hint of a jaw. Hell
fat, whatever, she always looked the business. A super-size
Madonna. A real stunner.
She was very unhappy I must say, with her blonde hair
hanging down like tired curtains and her eyes welling up.
Always a sign that-tears.
I looked around, still the same sadsacks dressed in
fetish, with the few sexy people thrown in, (that
would be me) and no sign of Skinner as yet.
Thrumz had changed it's name to Passage, as in back-
passage, rite of passage. Cool huh? Still painted
black and purple and red. I remembered the nasty
Club Exit and shuddered.
Try saying purple in a scouse accent, it's dead
easy. So is saying dead easy.
I could see Grady fuming away in the corner
like a ginger potato. I gave him my best wink
and leer. He actually twitched.
"I want to know how Ruth and Justine got
together in the first place!" I sipped a strawberry
daquiri, very cold and delicious (all the more so
because I wasn't paying).
"I think they met here, Justine always comes back
you know, I think it affected her deeply, the sex
and role plays, nearly dying." Angela sipped a
White Russian and thoughtfully fingered the small
plastic dick that decorated her drink.
Mine had tits on a string hanging out the side, nice touch,
I would stick them up Al's bum later or die trying!
"We all come back here, like sheep really, stupid, they
don't play good music, everyone's been double dipped
in Lake Ugly-Mere and the drinks are pricey!"
"I forgot that about you." Said Angela and smiled
"That being?"
"You can nag for England but you are funny!" She
stroked my face. Little alarm bells activated.
"No lezzie stuff, I'm a straight one-man girl now,
so no touching!"
Angela looked bemused and turned away.
"I only found out by chance that they are together,
it's an affair you see, Justine is too used to the good
life to run away with Ruth."
"That's Justine all over, eating pussy and cake too!"
I looked across the room, Grady was seething and
Neck stood next to him like an impenetrable wall,
his arms were crossed on his chest. Master Skinner
stood next to them, looking equally pissed. I
hadn't seen him slink in.
"Is that your fan club?" Said Angela and turned to
face them.
"More like a lynch mob! If Skinner comes over I'm
going to scream." I warned.
"Justine can be sweet you know." Said Angela and her
eyes looked all silly and bashful.
I made a scoffing noise:"You think? That's actually
making me feel quite queasy." I pulled out my
tongue at Grady (it's what I eat and what I do)
who seethed some more.
"She can! She's very soft and loving and always
smells good too."
"That would be the fetid decay." I sipped my
drink and wished Skinner would fall flat on his
leathered arse.
"You are a meanie! Look all I want you to do
is see if you can find out how serious this all is.
I want Justine back but I won't be played for
a fool. She has to choose."
"One small part you seem to have overlooked is that
Ruthie is a crazy cow and she's not going to speak
to me is she?" I thought bitterly about my wasted
Vespa. Damn that was a good bike.
"I don't know, you have a way of twisting us all
around your little finger."
"Like finger puppets?" I imagined a small bald
leather clad puppet, I smirked.
"Yes with your fingers up our arses! You will
at least try?"
"Hell yes, if you by me another drink and send
a bottle of bubbles to the 'Becka Appreciation
Society' over there.
"They won't thank you for it." Warned Angela.
"Oh I know that." I lit a menthol and let the good
times roll.

Becka M

Saturday, July 09, 2005


Inspite of the bombing, the worry and panic
that ensued, I found it hard it hard to believe it
had really happened. It had a strange, dream-like
quality, a waking dream. We were lucky, nobody
we know died or were injured. There were
lots of might have beens as so many people could
have traveled that day, or would have been there
if they had not had a sickie etc. Close, very close.
Not to mention all the sex me and Alan had had
on public transport lately. He's now making me
do it in parks, Mal's right I have ruined him. From
sweet guy to pervert what have I done?
I feel quite worried about what I'm going to say now,
it's piffy even after all this, but really I must, it's
driving me. I still hate Justine. I really do. Why?
Times like this you stick together, everything else
is inconsequential right? Right in theory, I practice
everyday but I'm still a shallow bitch. So big bad
wrong! Why I'm so very pissed at Justine is she's
been a bad girl.
Very bad indeed.
So bad I could kill her.
Or at least pull her hair.
She's cheating on Angela!
Dead- Girl has a bit on the side.
But what is eating me is who it is.
Oh yeah Dead-Girl and Luno Uno have
got it together bigtime. Bloody Ruth she just
doesn't care does she?
Angela phoned me in tears.
"Not my Ruthie!" I said in astonishment, the two
of them had barely made eye contact.
"Yes your Ruthie! Really Becka, I feel so betrayed!
I thought she loved me, I thought she cared! I feel
so old and useless, it's degrading, no offence but
your friend is a nasty little skank. What could Justine
possibly see in her?"
A tongue like silk and magic fingers?
"I agree, she has nothing on you Angie, you were a
real Power Lesbian couple. I'm sorry really." But I
felt like saying I told you so!
"What I want to know is what you are going to do
about it?" Angela's tone was harsh.
"Me? Well I'm sorry girl, I might have been crap at
my job, I might have slept with your son and ruined
your wedding , but I am in no way to blame for
this pile of shit!"
"Would money change anything?"
Aaah my favourite word.
"Of course! Why didn't you say! What do you want me
to do?" I grinned like a virgin in Ann Summers.
"Get Ruthie off my Pookie!" She snapped:"Get her away
from Justine and I swear you can have your job back,
hell have Justine's job! Just help me please."
How could I refuse? I would meet Angela for drinks
and we would see what happens.
But I felt hurt, how could Ruthie have found someone
to replace me already and especially someone I
despised so.
That was it-she was doing it out of spite.
The cows!

Becka M

Thursday, July 07, 2005


To all in London-my heart and love
goes out to you . Spent most of the morning
frantically phoning folk, all ok but it had been
very close for some of them. I feel sick with anger.
I don't like hating-I'm a lover not a hater!
Can't people just live their lives and get on with
it? Apparently not.

Sunday, July 03, 2005


Hi guys, just going to have a little time away
from blogging. Will be back soon with fresh
and skanky Mad Becka adventures! Everything
is cool, everything is fine, no worries! See you all
soon and behave!

Rainex & Becka M

Tuesday, June 28, 2005


"People, people who need people!" Sang Mal in a
gruff Streisand drawl.
"Shut up Mal!" I kicked him softly in the groin (not
the first time) and no he's never got an erection (with
me anyway).
"I think it's precious! You've turned your beautiful
man into a bigtime pervert!" He clapped his hands
together in joy.
"I haven't have I?" I winced, I'd really enjoyed our
time in public but really it was not everything. To me
Alan had a different take on it.
Since that day , we had shagged in a bus shelter, a car,
a park, the garden. Almost anywhere that we might get
caught. I had created a monster!
"You wanted him more adventurous and by hell he is!
He's sexier now too, even I've noticed and skinny tall
mopey men have never been my type!"
"Thanks I'll pass that on to Al, in his present state of
mind I'm sure he'll be delighted."
"Y'think? I think you should be too! But Mickey Straw!
What a man to let go! Oh I'd love to unwrap his piece!"
Mal rolled his eyes.
"Don't be crude! Mickey wasn't mine to let go, I'm glad
it's over, sod him I say!" Did I mean it? Yes I did. Ish.
Sister-thing Raine was different.
Shocked horrified and disgusted were words that sprang
to mind.
"In front of those men?" Her eyes were wide and her
mouth had that kind of chucking up edge to it.
"Yeah, but I would have done it in front of girls, I'm not
sexist." I smirked, bad move, Raine glared at me.
"It's not funny! It's sick, sure we've all had it outside
at some point." She reasoned.
"You? You've had sex? Never!" I feigned astonishment.
"Fuck off! Nobody else grandstands it the way you
do! What were you thinking? Were you thinking? In
the old days you would have been tied to a horse's
tail and dragged through the streets!"
"That would have been cool! What was it like back
then?" I teased, she was only a couple years older, but
I could really make those years count!
"It just makes me uncomfortable, I'm used to Ma and her
men, you and yours, but this is a different level, no good
can come of this. It is bad."
"Don't be that way!" I fluffed her fluffy hair, I hated it
when we fell out.
"I'm not judging you." She said.
"You so are!" I laughed.
"Well maybe a little bit, but it's only because I'm worried
for you. I'd hoped Alan would be a stabilizing influence."
She frowned, I rubbed the crease on her forehead.
"You need botox, look Alan is good really, it's just a faze,
really innocent and silly. Like being kids."
"But you are not kids." Raine said firmly.
It was just fun wasn't it?
Alan was waiting for me when I got back home.
He passed me an envelope. I smiled and opened it.
Inside was two tickets for the Tube.
I looked at him.
He grinned boyishly.
"I thought we might check out the Central Line."
Oh dear.

Becka M
p.s do not say I'm a prude-Rainex

Thursday, June 23, 2005


"Go down on me, give them a heart attack!" I was
really getting into this.
Alan frowned looked at the heckling, but encouraging
fools in the window and gave them a deep bow. He
stayed down.
Deep down.
It was magic.
"Go for it!" Shouted a muffled voice.
So he did.
With precision licks and nibbles, Al made a weak
woman of me, I was howling and yanking great clumps
of his hair. I was having sex naked in front of strangers!
What the fuck?
But it was good, in a goofy, nutty, crazy 'ho kind of way.
I massaged my own titties to tease my audience, one of
them saluted with his glass and another unzipped his
dick and shook it at me. I winced, not a pretty todger.
Alan abruptly stood up bent me over and rammed me
hard, brutally, deliciously against the window.
The glass was between us but a man still tried to mouth
my nipples. They were baying like dogs. Brutal, male,
sexy, dangerous.
What a racket they were making.
"Stick it to the bitch!" Shouted one.
"Crank it up man!" Said another.
Mmm, not sex talk, this was war.
War against my cunt.
Whose side was Alan on anyway?
He was grinning. I turned around and bit his cheek.
"They are starting to turn me off." I whispered.
"Not yet! This is too good!" Alan relished every thrust.
"What a slapper! Give her some more! Twist those
Twist those tits? Aw fuck off! I stuck out my tongue
and being deft of hip swivelled so rapidly and
abruptly Alan roared as he came. I can get a guy up
but I'm also good at getting them down when I want.
And I did.
"Shows over guys!" I said.
"Doesn't have to be!" Said one of the men: "Let's bring
in the troops!"
Alan and I looked at eachother-shit they were leaving
the window, they were moving out. We could hear them
plundering through the house. They were coming.
For me.
Maybe even for Alan.
Like scared but naughty kids we legged it as we
were, Alan trousers undone, me naked in high heels.
I scooped my dress up on the way out.
I didn't stop running inspite of a few stares from people
and someone taking my photo saying:"I love London!"
In a Polish accent. At last I could slip my dress over my
sweaty skin. Home and dry.
Well maybe not dry.
Or home.
But safe. I kissed Alan.
"You really liked that didn't you?" I said.
He pulled a face :"I did. I'm as fucked as you now."
"Never." I said and hailed a black cab.

Becka M

Sunday, June 19, 2005


"Marry me straight away if you like!" I said and
bodily pushed and shoved Alan into a convenient
back garden. Very Quadraphenia, very daring!
Though this was no back alley! This was Wimpole
street! Wimp-Hole, mmm, couldn't I just?
"What are you doing?" He said in a theatrical whisper:
"We will get arrested for breaking and entry!"
"Nothing is broken, I'll focus on the entry though!"
I pulled up my skirt and lowered my peach coloured
frenchies. Alan looked defeated.
"We can't, look lets get back, we can talk, we can fuck,
not here, it's so crude, so very......." His voice trailed
off as I opened my pussy with my fingers.
"Come to Momma!" I said and my inner lips mimed the
Alan looked around, the garden was very pretty, Alan
Titchmarsh and Monty Don we salute you as someone
had obviously taken your words to heart. Flowers,
water features, decking (though that is passe now)
and a beautiful willow tree.
"No, my flesh is weak:" (Not from where I was standing
it wasn't!) "I simply can't do this in a back garden! It's
seedy, it's so nasty!" He winced but his bulge was showing
bigtime! Where there is a willy there is a way. The Becka
way. Come As You Are the Nirvana song could have been
written about me, if Curt had known me he would still be
here today, still be fucked up though. I would have seen to
I stood with my back against the big tree, I undid my dress
and let it fall to the ground. It was humid but my nipples
stood to attention. I tweaked them.
"Becka it's not even 4 'o'clock!" Alan wailed:" We could
get seen!" But he gravitated towards me, linked and beloved,
magnetic energy between dick and hoo-ha.
"Well you had better be quick then!" I nagged.
He groaned:"You guttersnipe! Love it rough don't you?"
He entered me smoothly.
"Hey less of the guttersnipe! I'll have you know my father
is titled!" I bit his cheek and felt the bark of the tree warm
and ticklish against my bottom. I wrapped my legs around
his back and felt him lift me practically by his dick alone,
so hard was it.
Then we heard cheering-turning we saw at least six men
laughing and encouraging us from the one of the windows!
"Shit!" Said Alan, I must admit it turned me on bigtime.
"Let's really give them something to look at." I purred
into his ear.
"My god madam, what do you have in mind?"
At last he was getting it and so was I!

Becka M