Saturday, April 21, 2007


My mobile sounded like Snow Patrol's Chasing Cars, which was odd as
it was meant to sound like San Saens Danse Macabre.
"Becks it's Jude, listen Alan's in hospital, heart attack, oh Quinn wants a
word." The phone was passed, I could imagine their fingers touching
lightly, the warmth and slight roughness of their skin.
"Becka, c'mon girl we need you here." A gasp, then the phone hung up.
I ran around the room swearing and flapping like an albatross with ADHD.
Sol caught me, held me to his chest, I could feel his smooth skin and his
"Tell me what was said." His voice was commanding. I told him viciously.
I glared at him.
It was all his fault.
"If Alan dies." I warned.
"Then he dies. With life comes death. Sometimes." His eerie eyes burned
into me with their smoke effect.
I imagines Master Skinner would have sold his soul (and his best set of ropes)
for eyes such as this. He had to resort to coloured contacts.
Sol was the real deal, though just what he was hadn't filtered through yet.
He was bona fide odd.
And it was his fault.
"Alan's had a heart attack, take me to the hospital." I commanded.
"Please?" I asked.
"I'll be your best friend." I wheedled.
"Please?" I whined.
"I'll dress." Said Sol and let his gown fall to the floor.
Something else fell to the floor as well.
My jaw.
He was absolutely perfect.
I gawped.
His eyebrows raised. "Had a good look? Want me to do a twirl or something?"
Sol teased.
"Yeah." My tongue felt thick and dry as a kebab shop's salad.
And he was still erect.
I frowned.
"Don't you ever go down?"
"No." He said and gingerly pulled on a pair of trousers, Italian and
luscious by the cut.
"Not even to pee?"
"Shut up." He grabbed his car keys. He smiled:"Do you think we
should bring grapes?"


Thursday, April 19, 2007


Well it's that time again, my birthday 20th (old- damn it) Raine's on
28th (older hehh hehh).
Do I care that I'm older?
Broadly speaking yes.
Always a but.
I'm still in great nick and can go forever (if you know what I mean!)
Who gives a shit?!

Back to.....................
Waking to the smell of fresh coffee and realising I'm laying on a
bed laid with crisp Egyptian sheets (I know this as I worked in a
departments store-cheap they were not).
Sol had been insistent that I return to his hotel with him.
It was like a compulsion, a man that I didn't know taking me
to his bed, how could I resist?
No it didn't happen like that.
Alan had a bit of a funny turn and whilst the twins tried to help
their old man, Sol took this opportunity to lead me away (astray?)
He passed me the cup of Espresso.
"Take it black, good for the head." He said with a twinkle in his eye.
"I bet you say that to all the girls." I sipped the bitter brew. Yeuch,
if coffee was like men I liked mine sweet, milky and insipidly warm.
I checked him out.
He was wearing a dressing robe of a taupe colour, it went well with
his dark skin and light eyes. He looked like a shaman, (Guru-off!)
Even in my complete mind fucked state I could see an impressive
erection tent pegging his gown.
He smiled.
"It's not for you. Actually it's not for anyone, that's one thing I don't
do." He sat next to me on the bed.
"What are you one of those Tantra people?"
"I won't warrant that with an answer. You fool. Sex is for mortals ."
I looked at him:"Are there any other kind?" Sexy but damned crazy.
My luck.
"Becka just accept it, the world has an army of stiff dicks all for you,
but this one is a civilian."
"You don't half talk a lot of shit." I said.
I glared at his bulge.
Could this be a new challenge?
"Don't even think about it! Besides everything else, I'm old enough
to be your Father, so a bit for respect eh? I've travelled a long way to
see you and you are everything and more then Patrick said you would
"Do you find me attractive?" I tossed my hair.
He looked me up and down, he grinned, fab teeth.
"No." He says.
Then with an irritating twinkle:"Not yet anyway."