Monday, May 29, 2006


I edged nearer feeling too nude, too exposed and
painfully aware how nuts Ruth was getting.
Hey I was looking at Justine for clues, how low
can you go? Lower!
Angela had wound down her window, she was
Or maybe she was just looking at my arse.
Justine was practically blacking out, the gun was
making ugly marks on her neck.
Time to make some moves.
"Ruth, you don't want her sweetheart, I'm your
girl, let her go. I'll come with you now, anywhere,
whatever you want to do." All the time I was advancing,
I was really glad I was not a man as my willy would
have looked ridiculous bouncing about. I had enough
trouble with my titties and they are really small.
"Stand still! Stop talking! Let me think! What is
it with the crackpot psychology? I'm already up to
my ears with shrinks, you don't have to start!"
Ruth had broken out in a sweat, her small face
glistened feverishly.
"Becka just back off!" This was from Angie,
she had crept out of the car and stood very near, too
near for Ruth's liking.
"My head's hurting!" She shrieked and the little
gun lifted momentarily away from Justine.
I was going to rush Ruth, chuck the gun away,
give her a good pummelling and tell her what a
bad, mad girl she was. Angie would look after Justine,
years down the line we would laugh at this-
this moment..........
in time.
A gunshot.
Women screaming.
I was howling like a banshee.
Ruth lay, covered in blood!
Too much blood.
I held her to me, her eyes sparkled and she smiled,
that same pirate smile I'd fallen for as a kid.
As a woman.
Somehow in this last minute her craziness had gone,
she laughed.
"Kiss me dummy!" She whispered.
I was kissing her and then it was over.

Becka M xxx

Sunday, May 21, 2006


So I'm standing there in my panties, bra and aura
of embarrassment with 3 dykes, a gun and hair that
badly needs a trim.
"The music has stopped, what next, charades? I-spy?
Hmm?" I was irked, that was an irked voice.
"Wait a fucking minute!:" Ruth fumbled with her cds
again (oo-eerr missus!) "This will do it, some say it's
a classic."
Kylie Minogue.
I Should Be So Lucky.
Oh what the hell.
It was classic alrighty.
I pranced around like one of those posh show jumping horses.
Except I didn't have a small fat girl on my back.
Don't ask me what I was doing with my rosette.
But my petite audience seemed impressed.
Lucky lucky lucky!
My bra sprang off like Spiderman jumping off a building.
I wiggled my arse coquettishly.
'Cept I didn't have a coq.
I eased my panties down to the ground.
How low can she go?
"See no wires, appliances or any Mickey Straw influences,
I'm as bare and pink as a prawn sarnie." I smiled at
Ruth. "What next? Mutual masturbation and a chorus
of Rule Brittania? Trip to McDonald's? "
I was talking complete gibber.
But I don't think anyone noticed on account they were
looking at my twat.
"Come here." Said Ruth, in a misty Brokeback Mountain
Hey that film did my head in, Gay Cowboys with sheep-
will I ever sleep again?
So I walked over, carefully avoiding dog poo and such.
Upclose Ruth looked rough.
Rough Ruth.
Justine looked terrified and transparent, I could see her
brain cell.
"This is going to be smooth, very smooth, trust me,
everything will be ok." Said Ruthie.
I hate it when people say that.
What happens in films when people say that?
Shit happens.
"I trust you." I lied.
"No you don't." Said Ruth.
"Course not, but I do hope you are not going to muck all
our lives up on a whim." I said.
Justine tried to shake her head.
"What's wrong with her?" I asked.
"Apart from being the world's most insular person
and a lousey shag you mean?" Said Ruth deadly serious
"Mmm." I said.
"Could be she know what is going to happen next maybe."
Ruth smiled. Not a nice smile. A shitty smile really.
I really wanted to pee.

Becka M

Sunday, May 14, 2006


ML has tagged me-so here goes, 6 things about me!

1./ When I'm drunk I think I'm really really funny,
however I'm pretty sure I'm not. At all.

2./ My hair is from hell, no, scrap that, my hair is from

3./ Alan Rickman is God. At least in my universe.

4./ I don't go big on china dolls, it's the eyes man.

5./ Having kids has really made me grow up-but I'm
having a childish revival. My oldest son is deeply ashamed
of me. That is how it should be.

6./ Queues-can't do it. Sweaty, nasty, shaky and that's just
D having to deal with me! Seriously I need to move into a
country that either has a quicker system or I can just push in.

Mad Becka will continue when I can be arsed.

Thursday, May 04, 2006


"I need music." I said truculently.
"Get you Prima Donna!" Scoffed Ruth, but she was
on to it, dragging Justine with her, she turned her
CD player in her car on at full whack.
The dulcet tones of Mudd, Tigerfeet, filled the air.
"Ah, that was not really what I had in mind." Really
how could I dance to that and keep my self respect?
"For FUCKSAKE!" Shouted Ruth, removing the Cd
she lobbed into the night, whilst still clamping her
petrified girlfriend tightly.
"Yep best place for that, what was it? Hits from the
70's?" I asked.
"No! The best of Glam Rock, shit I loved that disc!
Bolan was on there and Bowie and Wizard!"
She fumbled in her glove compartment for a replacement
song, could I rush her while she was preoccupied? No,
I was rather looking forwards to taking off my clothes
"This is the one." She said with a warning tone in her
It was Kate Bush.
Wuthering Heights.
"Make it good, do that wobbly dancing." Said Ruth.
"Ah I think that was special effects and I haven't
got the hair you know?" I felt really silly.
Heathcliff, it's me, it's Cathy I've come home.
Silly mare.
Should have run away.
And here I was dancing like Kate Bush on a traffic
island in the middle of the night with 3 women
with varying degrees of mental illness.
Could have been worse.
Could have been Babushka.
Ya ya.
Why couldn't she have played The PussyCat Dolls.
But soon I was grooving away, my clothes melting
So co ho ho ho hold, let me in a ya window!
Sometimes I wished I could always be naked.
This was not one of them.
"Oh Becks you dance so beautifully!" Said Ruth and I could
see a tear in her eye.
The song finished and I was still clad in panties and bra.

Becka M