Monday, July 17, 2006


We were so excited we couldn't get our clothes off.
They flopped around us like fallen petals,
bumpy and completely in the way.
We were kissing with big! Open-mouthed kisses
like we were trying to inhale eachother.
My hands shook as I stroked his thin hard buttocks.
I begged him to fill me up.
Alan was too busy eating my nipples like they were
I swear I screamed.
My clit was so hard it chaffed against my g-string madly,
I had to finger myself.
Just had to do it.
Alan slapped my hand away.
"Don't be so greedy!" He kissed and breathed into my ear
making my toes curl and the hairs on my snatch stand on
Then he awkwardly began to pull down his boxers to
reveal quite a tasty banana boiinng!
"Let's see what you can do with this." He muttered.
What would you have done with it?
Answers in the dustbin please!

Becka MMMmmmmmm!

Saturday, July 01, 2006


I awoke in Alan's silky dark bed which smelled of
sandalwood, it was the kind of feeling you don't want
to end.
He lay next to me, his shrewd eyes watching me
regain consciousness.
I was dressed in one of his dark shirts, very modest
and demure for me.
He was fully clothed, he hadn't slept with me, giving
me space and sleeping on the couch.
Last night had been good, he'd brought me back, run
me a lovely bath. Kept his distance whilst I bathed.
Then fed me chicken strips and pizza, by hand, with
my head resting on his shoulder.
Then he had solemnly given me a spare toothbrush
and bade me goodnight.
But Alan was here now.
" 'Lo, how long have you been there?" I asked stretching
and yawning, aware my breath was a shade pepperoni
and hoping he wouldn't kiss me until I'd brushed my teeth.
"Awhile." He said ambiguously and tweaked my nose.
Then the realization of what had happened last night
floored me like 3 fat guys doing the cha-cha.
Beads of sweat burst from my brow and I began to
Alan frowned, pulled me to him and said:"Sssh, it's
That was what I wanted to hear, not:
1./Marry me
2./Have my baby
3./Do you fancy a menage a trois?
4./I have issues
5./Who let the dogs out?
Just It's alright.
Ok it was not earth shattering, but it did the trick.
I kissed him demandingly, forcing my tongue
between his clamped teeth.
One eyebrow raised with amusement.
"Stop acting all Anne Diamond and kiss me properly,
like this." He kissed me gently, like soft velvet, somewhere
deep in my groin, something went pop, something that
had never popped before.
He grinned:"You little Monster!"

Becka M