Friday, August 03, 2007


Well guys I guess we owe you a mini explanation-I mean we disappear
for weeks on end, then write crap!
There is a very good reason for this-
1./We have been overcome with Snape lust because of the new Harry Potter
2./A new job which includes being chastised by the general public.
3./A bit part in Transformers as a wheel.
4./A nasty caffeine withdrawal-I got a Starbucks stool stuck up my bum.
5./A visiting relative who cries all night, drools and generally screams the
house down. You can tell which side of the family he's off of can't you D?
6./I dreamt that I was married to George Roper off of George & Mildred and
he was a pimp daddy.
7./I had a haircut that very nearly made me look like Chrissie Hynde-I was
not amused.
8./I got chatted up by some carrot crunching yoik with space for dental items like
teeth. Yep I've got a way with the men folk.
9./I give up!
10./There is no 10

p.s a 1 of these is not true.

Right and just to add the piece la resistanceI am off on hols for a couple of weeks!!!!
Must do better when I return.
Lindy, ML, Etoile, Butterfly, HB love u babies!


Becka mmm