Monday, September 25, 2006


"I should see Ruth." I said exhaling a delightful plume
of smoke from my right nostril.
"Mmm." Said Alan.
"What do you mean Mmmm?" I did not like that voice
one little bit. Ok maybe the moist bit of me did, the bit
which was enjoying the hand service he was administering.
"The girl is bad news."
"She's my best friend!" I defended her honour.
"She tried to kill you, shagged me, slept with your boss's
girlfriend, tried to shag your Dad. That one was beyond
me actually, how anyone could go near that terrible old
bastard is a mystery." He pulled one of those faces.
"Hey!" Bloody hell he was assassinating my friend and Pa!
(Not literally with a gun-just enough to irritate me.)
"I just think Ruth is a catalyst, the kind of bitch who
sparks the fire in others, easily led fools to do her bidding."
He grinned at me:"Sorry, but gullible is your middle
"Well it's better then Hortence!" I said hotly.
"What? Never mind, Ruth's probably got her family with
her." Said Alan.
"I am her family."
"Becka." I corrected.
"I'm getting old."
"Getting?" I laughed.
"Don't be cheeky, Miss Grey in the fuzz."
"Eh? Oh, bastard!"


Saturday, September 16, 2006

GROUND RULES (Not to be confused with
Groundforce with Charlie Dimmock and her
wobbly titties)

"Don't you ever say that again you little bastards!"
I snapped at the twins. Ma indeed Ma my arse!
"Chill Becka, we think it's great, we always have, you
know we like you don't you?" Said Jude and sidled
up to me in a snaky way, he managed to get his hand
under my dressing gown and onto my bare arse very
quickly. I moved away as rapidly as if he had been
John Prescott. Ehhh!
"Enough of that already! What is wrong with you both?
You've always known Alan was your Dad and you....."
I got nearer to them and whispered:"And you've
always tried to get me into....Positions, compromising
Quinn laughed:"If it's good enough for the old man then
we thought it would be good enough for us!"
"What a terrible thing to say! I'm disappointed in you
Quinn." I said in a school Mistressy voice.
"Yeah I've been bad, do I get a spanking? Please."
His eyes twinkled, he was special this one, but then so was
Jude and Jude was a very dirty boy indeed.
"Look don't mess this up for me guys!" I tried as hard as
I could to look stern and menacing:"I've let Alan down again
and again, he's giving me a chance and I aim to take it.
You know I think you are both perfect and I'm weak
willed, I can't help it, perhaps I have a hormonal imbalance!
But I'm asking you, no I'm begging you. Don't screw this up
up please?"
I fluttered my eyelashes. The twins looked at eachother in
that old telepathic creepy way twins have.
"Ok." Said Quinn finally.
"Yeah alright." Said Jude.
Then they both burst out laughing.
They were laughing at me!
Little shits.
I pushed past Jude and grabbed a carton of Um Bongo.
"Pricks." I hissed.
Just outside the door I heard Quinn say:"Don't worry."
"She'll be..." Said Jude.
"Begging for it!" In unison.
Help me!

Becka M

My name is Becka Martin and I'm a sexholic-live with it.

Saturday, September 02, 2006


"So the twins are your sons?" It hung in the air like a cartoon
bubble- sons, jeez, I put up with a lot of crap or what?!
"I wondered how you would react." Said Alan mildly.
He might just as well said 'immature bitch queen'.
"I bet you did! How did you expect me to react? Alan those
boys, well they are men! You must have been a kid, you dirty
little bastard! Oh God I'm speaking in bold look what you've
done to me!" I gripped my throat dramatically.
"Have you quite finished?" He said with as much humour as
my Ma-in-law at a gay club.
"Just tell me they are not Pru's." Of course I couldn't change
anything if they were, I would just feel better, imagine, Sons
of Pru, oooh!!!
"No most definitely not." His eyes flickered like polished onyx
I have no idea what that means or what it looks like but it
sounds cool!
"So who is their Mummy and where is she?" Did I really
want to know?
"Their Mother was called Helena and she died many years
ago when the boys were just tots. Her kidneys failed, she
waited ages for a transplant, it never happened, that was
back in the dark ages before people carried Donor cards.
She just never got her match." His eyes looked misty.
"Did you love her?"
"Yeah as only a teenage boy can, passionately, wildly,
do you know that we actually planned the pregnancy?
We were crazy, our parents went ballistic!" He laughed
and I could see he was looking back in time to his youth.
"We worked it out that we could marry and bring the
boys up when I had finished school, we were helped
enormously by our parents, especially when they saw
what a good job we were doing with the boys. It was
hard, but work is light when you are happy! And I was
happy, never more so with my girl and the babies. I
went to school by day and because I looked older I got
a bar job, I was so tired! Then Helena got sick, we
couldn't cope and the parents had to help more.
Eventually and sadly Helena's older sister Janet had
the boys to stay with her. Then Hel died. She was just
18, the boys were 3. Everyone thought it was for the best
if Janet had the boys for keeps. I became a sort of uncle
I guess or older cousin. They know who I am of course,
I'm their father but not their Dad. That's Steven Jan's
husband's job. I love them of course, they are my boys."
He smiled simply and I think I'd never loved him more.
I kissed his face.
"OK." I said:"I'll get a drink and see what they are up to
in the kitchen."
Alan nodded:"Does it change how you feel about me?"
"Yeah." I said and left it hanging in the air, but I did
In the kitchen Jude and Quinn sat on the counters drinking
milk straight from the carton like an advert for aftershave.
Jude grinned:"Did he tell you?"
I nodded.
Quinn smiled:"Then I guess that makes you..."
"Our Ma!" Finished Jude.

I was less then impressed.

Becka Mmmmaaaaa