Friday, April 28, 2006


I pulled lots of encouraging faces much like a chimp
in a zoo. Ruthie wasn't buying it.
I wasn't buying it.
"Stop wiv the faces!" She screeched out in her dulcet
South London tones.
I stopped, but funny enough my face wouldn't.
My lips pulled into ridiculous shapes and I had an
urge to wink and leer like a pirate.
I was very close, close enough to see that the usually
immaculate Ruth looked much like she had been
through a hedge backwards.
Justine was marginally better off, that's embalming
for you. Her eyes rolled like a cow in a slaughterhouse
(hey how dramatic was that?!)
"Becka, I really don't know what to do." Said Ruth in
an eerily soft voice.
"Don't do anything baby, let me look after you." I said.
Ruth snorted.
"You? Sorry I think I might have pissed my pants,
you, who can't cook, clean, keep a job or a man, will
look after Me?" Her head was cocked on the side in
"Well I could try." I slurred:"Gotta be better then
spending your life behind bars for murder." Oooh
big mistake.
OR MURDER?" Screamed Ruth and pressed the
little gun into the thin flesh of Justine's neck.
Angela made a shrill little sound from inside our car
and opened the door.
"Stay in the car Lardarse!" Ruth yelled.
"Angie! STAY PUT!" I ordered, this was getting
out of control. "Look." I said and sat down on the ground
crossed legged and with my arms raised. "I'm unarmed,
please just calm down eh?" I did the old Ren and Stimpy
big eyed thing.
Works everytime with the ladies.
"Stop with the Stimpy eyes." Snapped Ruth.
Or apparently not.
Ruth looked at me shrewdly.
"Mickey Straw." She breathed.
"Has that Copper wired you? Take off your clothes
bitch." Ruth snarled. Oh God she was really gone!
"I though you would never ask." I said coyly.
"Don't flatter yourself sweetheart, but you might as
well make a good show of it eh?"

Becka M xxxxx

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


I'm a birthday girl, what am I doing? I'm sitting in a layby
with Angie spying on my Ex best friend and her cadaverous
I feel very Cagney and Lacey, although I am far too slim to
be Lacey, I'm not blonde enough to be Cags. Who am I
kidding? Myself as usual but it keep s me happy and
off the street.
Angie is looking good. Oh my word does she. Still heavy,
but a diet of worry and lack of sleep have trimmed those
stubborn pounds.
"Look at that bitch!" Hissed Angela Grade.
I peered at the two fair heads held tight together in
the Ford Ka and shrugged.
"Which bitch?"
"Your bitch!"
"Oh Ruthie, yeah, not classy like Justine but a real trooper."
I nodded approvingly.
"God almighty!" Angela laughed strangely.
"What?" I enquired as I lit a small cafe cigar as it made
me feel Stacey Keach.
"You still after everything like her, don't you?" Her voice
was heavy with accusation. Trouble with Angie heaviness,
food, words, sex, all calorie laden and triple thick goodness.
I winced. Yeah I did like her.
I liked alcohol, cigars, cigarettes, anonymous sex.
All bad for me though.
Why not a complete psycho?
"Ruth is my heart. Anything else is just going through
the motions." I said finally.
"I hate you sometimes." Said Angela darkly. I had hurt her
too the quick. She had loved me and I had rejected her
for a guy, now here I was flaunting hot girl action in front
of her.
"Whoops." I said.
"Indeed." She said sourly.
"Look, all can be salvaged, I'll grab Ruthie, you get Justine,
just don't grab her too tightly, she'll snap. Everyone a winner
and we both get the girl." I half shut my eyes:"Life is good."
Then Ruthie stepped out of the car with Justine, she held
a menacing little gun to her head.
"Becka! This is your birthday present, I'll blow out her
brains for you." Screamed Ruth. Yeah what every girls
wants, not diamonds, holidays in the sun, no just body
matter hitting the kerb. Groovy.
"Um chocolates work better actually." But I was shaking.
"Think fast you cunt!" Said Angie (this was to me in
case you were wondering.)
I got out of the car slowly, like a professional wuss I held
my hands above my head.
"Tell Meatfeast to stay in the car!" Shrieked Ruth.
"Charming!" Muttered Angie.
Justine's eyes were rolling like a cow on a Ferris Wheel
(no I don't get that either).
I grinned #sharply, winked, could my magic work for me
now? Did anyone care? Are you reading!?
"Baby!" I said and walked forwards.

Becka M

Friday, April 14, 2006


Hope you all get stuffed (with chocolate)
and Mad Becka will resume after the

Love ever Rainex and Becka M

Thursday, April 06, 2006


I was stuck to Mickey, literally, sweat, cum and desperation
had made a firm bandage. He wasn't going to let me go.
I tried to peel my skin away from his a little and felt that
cool chill that goosebumped my arms and hardened my
I pulled the quilt around myself and looked at Mickey
sprawled like the big horny copper he was.
"What are you thinking about tatty-head?" He said
making me frown. It was the tattyhead part which did
it, I ran a hand through my matted hair.
"I'm thinking about Ruth, she really needs to do my hair."
"I think she really needs to see a psychiatrist, that would
serve her better." He sparked up a cigarette.
"I'm going to have to see her, she wouldn't really do
anything to Justine, at least I don't think she would.
Would she?" I pulled a face, 'course she would, the crazy
little fool!
"I think Ruth is going to end up somewhere nice and secure,
I also think that you deserve a bloody butt paddling
after cracking me over the head like that! I couldn't
believe it really, not you of all people." He leaned over and
let his tongue flick my nipple.
"Well bloods thicker then water." I said weakly and felt
my quim thrum with anticipation.
"Really? You're Dad is the kind of man we have always
hated Becks, posh arrogant and seedy."
"He has good points." I shifted uneasily.
"Yeah? Name one ." Mickey blew smoke in a perfect 'o',
it broke up on my belly.
"He's a nice guy." Even I knew that was a lie.
"Piss off!" Scoffed Mickey.
"Ok! He loves me right? Loves me without wanting to
fuck me, or manipulate me, or anything really. Just
plain old fashioned dad-daughter love." (Yeah I know
he did try to manipulate me but I wasn't going to admit that
to Mickey.)
"I don't believe that. Even the Pope would want to
fuck you!" Mickey laughed.
"That's blaspthemy! And filthy! Patrick is just about the
most interesting guy I've ever met. I'm sorry I hurt
you, really I am." I kissed him.
"Mmm, still thinking of lezzing out on me?"
"Let's just say I need some persuading!"

I lay back warm, sticky and in no way aware of what
was going to happen, now, later or ever.

Which was just as bloody well.


Becka M xxxx