Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Which is perhaps the understatement of the year!

I smiled at him encouragingly (although it was hard to smile

with all those tubes coming out out all over the shop)

He was too pale but his eyes burned like hot black coals.

"Bitch!" He hissed.

The twins sat either side of him, like sexy cats really, so

louche, they could lick my cream any day of the week!

They smiled at me.

Sol came in and grinned rather too widely.

"You can send him out for starters!" Shuddered Alan, the boys patted

him down.

"You'd better go mate." Said Jude apologetically.

"I knew I should have brought some grapes." Grumbled Sol, he

winked at me. "I shall wait in the foyer, lobby, whatever. I take it that

you will come for me later?"

I'd come for you anytime baby. I thought and nodded.

Sol's eerie eyes blazed, was this guy hot or what? Sexy, scary,

perpetually hard and probably a mind reader!

I turned my attention back to Alan.

"Baby." I said and kissed him, he edged away from me.

"I want you out Becka, out of my life, my head and my bed, now

this minute take your shit out of my home and just fuck off! You

nearly killed me this time, no more now. Just go."

"Alan." Said Quinn and tried to get him to remain calm.

"And you little buggers! Don't think that I wasn't aware what you

have been up to with Becka! You all treat me like a fool, but I only

give you enough rope to hang yourselves with see? You still here?"

This was to me.

"Well yeah! I'm not going anywhere you will have to have me dragged

out before I go anywhere! I love you Alan, I know I'm not the best girlfriend

in the world, but I'm funny, cute and damn good in bed." I smiled.

2 minutes later Sol watched a burly Security man (or woman) I could not tell

as they had breasts, carry me out and dump my arse on the pavement outside the


An Orderly laughed. "Hey love they are normally carried into here!"

"Fuck off!" I said and Sol winced.

"Sorry."He said to the Orderly:"She failed the audition for Big Brother

and it's gone to her head!"

"Shut up!" I said and started to cry, was this the end for me and Alan?

Becka M

p.s Sorry about delay and all Raine going crazy at new job etc

Saturday, May 05, 2007

BOOGA booga

I sat at the back of the cab and looked at Sol, his crisp trousers
looking for the world like a veil over a snake.
"Becka cut it out." He said coolly and nodded to the cabbie who
was also intently watching me in his mirror.
Pervs everywhere!
The cabbie grinned and winked at Sol, Sol swore under his breath.
In a weird way it was the same disapproving action that Alan might
have made.
Here was I scrutinizing a man's crotch whilst my beloved could be
Did that make me bad?
Was I evil?
Am I going to hell?
I could not resist another sneaky peek.
"Becka you are doing it again." Sol's voice was deeply irritated.
"I'm just fascinated, do you have to strap it down? Have you
ever got into trouble with it? Have you been arrested for lewd
behaviour?" I licked my top lip.
I caught the cabbie's eye in the mirror.
Poor guy he had beads of sweat on his forehead as big as peas.
"I won't tell you again, cut it out." Snapped Sol his eyes narrowed
and his forehead lined like a loaf of Mother's Pride.
I'd pissed him off.
I love it when that happens.
"When was the last time you...." I lowered my voice (but still
loud enough for my audience to hear) ...came?"
"If you continue with this line of questioning I won't be responsible
for my actions!" Sol was livid!
Hee hee!
"Uncomfortable?" I said and squeezed his knee:"Quick BJ help yer?"
The cab driver swerved slightly.
"Hey!" Shouted Sol and hit the Driver's headrest:"Watch the bloody
road! And you... (This was to me) behave yourself or I might have to
punish your frail little frame!"
I grinned Chesire Cat styley a spank in the back of a cab was definitely
the way to go! I shivered in anticipation.
Sol looked at me in disgust.
"Tell me you are not getting off on that?" He almost pleaded.
"Uh huh." I nodded.
"Me too." Said the Driver.
"I'm going to need this Hospital at this rate!" Said Sol and turned
away to look out of the window.
My labia deflated sadly like a punctured balloon.
Boo hoo.
I looked at the cabbie, young, not bad, bit Eastern European 80's
kitch about the collar but even so:"Don't suppose you'd be up for
a bit of mutual masturbation eh mate?"
I swear we nearly went into a bus!
And no Sol didn't let me.
With him or the cabbie.
The cabbie didn't get a tip.
And we didn't buy the grapes.

With love and kisses Becka Mmmmmm