Monday, May 31, 2010


Well I went to see it last night. It was not an
enlightening work of art but it was good light
entertainment. So there haters!

It's never going to be as good as the series for
sure. They are all too rich and pampered now. But
I still love them.

I am just wearing out the mother of all hangovers.
On saturday I went out for a meal with my ahem,friend
Ruth which turned into yet another boozy escapade. I.e
12 hr pub crawl. When I got home I was sick for about
six hours (not constantly, periodically)and the next
day felt like someone had tried to cleave my head open.
It was that bad, no solids yesterday, just liquids.
Which was sad because when I went to the cinema I wanted
to have popcorn, ice cream and the usual. I had a Dr Peppers
instead. Which I didnt like nor finish.

I'll tell you next time about Ruth and her ever loving
husband Simon.
The worse thing is he thinks I am a bad influence on
her! Me! The cheek of it. He told us that we are
middle aged women that should know better. I told him
to eat me.

Best Becka xxxxxx

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Give Me Strength

SATC film is out and I feel strangely deflated.
This is because I loved the series and the film
was ok, but everyone seems to be out with the
knives this time. Whats that all about?

1./ Some people think that the story is shit
2./ Too many pretty clothes when we are in a
3./ Girls (ok ok) acting out of character
4./ Offensive to Islamic culture
5./ People are haters
6./ There is no six. Boy am I getting bored of no six.

I shall reserve judgment to the hype goes down
and people start pulling in their necks a bit.

ACT 2 Running from my arse

Ok this is totally sad but since ahem, I was
last here ages back, I have gained a little, I
mean , little, weight.

So enough with the pizzas and carrying my immense
rear around London, I have started to jog like a
bastard ! A bastard with a grudge an a hatred of
contol pants.

If I ever get laid again, I want a bum like a peach
not something resembling a bag of strained prunes.

Thats my goal lose the arse break the fast.


BTW I saw Alan in town the other day.

He didnt see me (luckily), I ran very fast
headlong into a terrified Traffic Warden who
thought I was attacking him.
Oh dear.
Alan looked scrummy, all silver haired foxiness.
I looked like someone running away from her own arse.

I have to say sadly I deleted the links to all my favourite
(noticed the way I spelt that with a U?)blog sites as it's been
so long you have probably all gone now. If you are still out
there guys (and you know who you bloody well are) I will re
add you to the blog (whats left of it that is).

Thursday, May 20, 2010

I guess you thought I was gone for good, so did I.
Change of heart, call it mercy, how could I let
My zero at this moment audience down?

What has happened in the last hundred years? Ok
no Alan havent seen him for two years, Alex lives
in Florida and we have lost touch apart from xmas
and birthday cards. Ruth is married!!!!! To a man!!
Sister-thing is still doing the fuzzy haired thing
and a brunette! The rest have drifted away. Mum is
still around waiting for her iron lung (only joking!)
Talking of which I havent smoked for years?

I know! Can you believe it

I can't the lure of menthols get stronger everyday!
I still see Mal sometimes love him.
What else? Oh yeah a biggie, I do not work in retail
anymore I retrained, brace yourself, as a Civil Servant!

BTW I have been celibate for 3 years just thought you
should know in case of any suggestions.

Love you long time

Becka XXX