Thursday, March 30, 2006


Water water everywhere and not a drop to drink.
Hell no.
I drank plenty.
"Had enough?" Said Mickey as he pulled back my
"Nah, put me under again why don't ya?" I swear
my mouth..........
Icy water and the sound of my blood pumping in my
He pulled me up, I winked at him and smiled.
He roared and drove my head under again.
When Mickey pulled me up this time I allowed a
jet of water to arc from my mouth.
"Wanker!" I said as the moisture trickled down his face.
"Oh fuck this! I can't do this!" He shouted, the next moment I
was lying on the floor with him on top of me.
"God I've missed you." Mickey sighed.
"Have ya? I've been too busy fucking other men and having
sex in the street to think much about you." It was a lie alright!
But he had just attempted to torture me and after all that
LilacLace and Exit stuff he really should have known better.
"Cow." He said and rightly so.
"Make it up to me." I said generously.
"How about I fuck you to death?"
"Sounds pretty groovy apart from the death bit, how
about you just fuck me deaf so I haven't got to listen to any of
you stupid fuckers anymore? I'm definitely becoming
a lesbian after this, for sure!"
His hand was tracing through my pubic hairs making me
tingle and twitch. I moved it away.
"Stop with the foreplay and get fucking!"
And you know what, he did.

Becka Martin xxxxxxx

Tuesday, March 21, 2006


"Which part of fuck off don't you understand Mick?"
I said yet again to the foolish uber-cop who was
plumping (literally) for answers about my Father.
"You think you're pretty funny, what you don't realize
love is that the jokes on you. You are a slapper,
your the one now with her arse in the air getting reamed
out with the curtains open." This was punctuated with a
violent thrust of his hips.
"Look honey I've done it in the street with an audience!
You have nothing new to throw at me, so hurry up and
finished, I'm bored and more likely to come if you just
"Bitch!" Snarled Mickey and lifted me (still attached) to
the bathroom.
"Boring!" I said with a yawn.
He swore under his breath and filled the sink with cold
I raised my eyebrows:"Bit small for splash and tickle."
"I was thinking more on the lines of splash and interrogate."
His eyes sparkled then he drove my head under the

Becka M

Monday, March 13, 2006


Big thanks to you guys who have stayed with
me from the beginning and all the new friends
I have collected on route!

Becka M xxxxx

Saturday, March 11, 2006


The rest of the journey back to London was in the
silence that only comes with a total lack of respect
for the people you are with. It stunk big time. Still,
we managed to stop off for food in Little Chef which
is always good for social anthropology. Those Waitresses
are getting younger, wet behind the ears? Nah meconium
Alan is the only guy I know who can eat a sausage with
the same threat and menace as a pack of hyenas with
a gazelle.
Mal, well he was marginally better I guess, he stuck
to poached eggs on toast. Not much menace there, unless
he coughed I guess.
Me? What do you think, steak and chips and one of those
really disgusting banana splits.
Yeah and my banana had split, it was the black thread
of rot that went through it and my whole life really.
When Alan dropped off Mal it got even tenser, I really
wished I had an inhaler or something. His shoulders
were knotted, his eyebrows knitted, eyes slitted, I guess
his dick must have retracted in horror.
Fuck I love you, you stupid mad English Teacher.
I sighed.
"Ok." I said when we stopped outside mine.
Alan said nothing as I got out and then he took off at warp
speed narrowly missing an old lady and a Yorkshire
Mmm. Better get in.
My flat smelt very stale and musty. Yuck.
But still fresher then when Ma and Jasper sat
smoking umpteen ciggies every second.
I slumped onto the sofa.
I heard a sharp intake of breath.
"Becks you are a naughty girl." Came the harsh and
sexy Mickey Straw drawl.
"Don't say a word!" He snapped:"Anyway, I'm more
of a man of action, get on the floor girlie and spread'
em. Fucking strip search time!"

Strangely this relaxed me.

Becka Martin xxxxxxxxxxxx

Friday, March 03, 2006


She is still milking this flu thingy.

Becka M