Wednesday, September 28, 2005


I crouched over Mickey like catwoman (minus the
pervy clothes). Good he was still alive, there was a
mad moment of panic that I might have offed the
bastard, but no, the Copper had breath in him yet.
I had found some particularly grubby clothes in a
linen trolley, not blood splattered, more likely worn
by king/queen BO from the school of unwashed.
Nice. So I looked the part, even if I didn't smell it.
Catherine wrinkled up her nose.
"Christ you stink." She observed.
"Go do something useful, find a stretcher or something."
I looked down at Mick, which was good as he always
looked down at me.
I thought back to our 1st sexual encounter, he was 12 and
I was 14.
"Go on Becka, show me it, you know you want to." Said
the scabby, skinny, slum kid.
Trouble was I did.
I mean I wanted to show him.
Gingerly I pulled down my knickers which said SATURDAY
on them even though it was actually friday.
"Where's the hair?" He laughed.
I bristled (though not with hair as puberty was late coming
in the land of Becks).
"Don't be mad." He said and kissed me deeply, something
inside went ping and I squirmed away to my very first
It was always like that with Mickey, first times, my first
kiss, my first pussy kiss, the first time I blew him.
Losing my virginity. Doing a strip tease for all his friends
(though that is another story!) losing him to Sharon, my
1st broken heart.
I kicked him with my foot.
"Bastard." I hissed, what would I do without Mickey?
Probably very well.
He mumbled but didn't wake up.
Catherine returned breathless with a wheelchair.
"I thought we would push him on a stretcher or
"Well you thought wrong, this way if anyone stops
us we can say he has had a stroke, or we are on
our way to A & E." She smiled, clever old cow, I'll
give her that.
She looked at Mickey and frowned.
"Is that an erection?"
"Yeah, you must have seen one before, but Mickey
is always in a perpetual state of arousal."
Her pale blue eyes shimmered, she reached down
and touched his impressive bulge.
"Easy! That's not nice." Eeew, she was making me feel
"So very hard and firm." She began to unzip him.
"Whoah! Stop right there! That is quite enough lady!"
I slapped her hand away."Come on, let's put him in the
chair." Easier said then done, but all those years
getting Ma's drunk clients out of the flat had given me
the strength to move useless great hulks of man-flesh.
"Right, he's in-now what?" Said Catherine, breathless
and shiny eyed, she was still looking at his cock.
"I'll wait here, you going to get a nurse to check
"Duh? Because once checked and oked they will leave
him alone for a while, enough time to get the hell
out of here."
"What about the CCTV camera in the hall?"
"One thing at a time please!"
She marched off like someone who rides a lot of
I didn't like the way she looked at Mickey, sort
of hungry and no, still can't do old folk sex
things yeuch!!!

Becka M

Friday, September 23, 2005


I was most concerned because:

1./ How the fuck was I going to get Patrick
out of the hospital?

2./ If Mickey Straw woke up-he would kill me
no doubt about that. Also he could be quite
vindictive, Patrick would not fair well.

3./ Alan might find out about me being crouped
up in the lift with Mickey and that would not be
pretty at all.

I was sweating, panting and probably looked
as strung out as Kate Moss on a week night.
Shit did my nose really look like Owen Wilson's?
No it looked worse, he was a guy, it was hunky
an aberration on on a perfect face. I was as
far removed from perfect as Michael Jackson
was from reality.
Right Patrick, ooh first I had to get past Queen
of the Damned.
I decided I didn't care I would go through her
if necessary.
I burst into the room like Starsky and Hutch,
(probably Hutch as I hate those baggy cardies).
"Oh your back, well he's still not awake." Said
Catherine and turned away bitterly glaring out
the window.
I snatched her shoulder and turned her to face
"Look Patrick is in the shit now lady, with or
without your help I'm going to have to move
him. Are you in or out?" I forced her to give
me attention (maybe it was the arm behind
the back part that did it) which she did.
"Enough of that young lady! Why should I help
him, he's been helping himself for a very long time
now." Her chin set firmly, she reminded me of
that Persian cat in the Bond films, though less
hairy and not a cat.
"I would love you to help me, but fine, I can
do it on my own, but you will have to keep out
of my way! And shut the fuck up!"
I pushed her away, so frail and light she staggered
against the bed.
Patrick must have felt the vibration because
he mumbled something.
"Honey it's Becka!" I said and grabbed his hand.
"Pat, it's Cat, please wake up." She kissed his
other hand.
I felt very humbled, the old bag did love him
after all.
I also felt sick, Pat and Cat! I wanted to put
my fingers down my throat and bring up a
No good though, he did not stir, we both looked
"Alright, I'll help." She said grimly.
"Ok! I think I've worked out what to do next."
I grinned and whispered in her ear.
"That sounds risky." Catherine smiled back at me.
"Don't do that." I said.
"Nothing!" I shrugged, could hardly say not to smile
could I?
No time for sarcasm.
"Catherine, unhook Patrick from that monitor,
no, not the drip, we can take that with us."
"Where are you going?"
"I need to deal with a bald Copper in a staff lift.
Then we roll Daddy."
"Hmm, he's been rolling everyone else for years."
Muttered Catherine.

Becka M

Wednesday, September 14, 2005


"It all started in Africa." Said Mickey as he snatched
my breasts from their cups.
"What did?" I said stupidly.
"We did, the human race! But in your case this was where
Daddy went bad." He slurped on my titties like they
were raspberry smoothies, I scratched his head.
"Ok." He continued:"It was the 70's, wild times ahoy!
Wild for Daddy anyway. He was still young and South
Africa was the perfect place for a white rich and devious
man to prosper. Oh and did he! Apartheid was in full
swing and life was cheap. Ivory was expensive and in
demand, poor old Dumbo never had it so bad.
That was where he started, bits and pieces.
Oh and diamonds, did I mention the diamonds?
Wonder why the old buzzard hasn't given you any-
oh and the hash. Partial to that myself in my younger
days. Patrick had plenty of outlets I can tell you.
Slavery? Black and white. Boys and girls, sex and
domestic, can't say fairer then that! Patrick was
an enterprising geezer-he was reaping it in and
distribution was a doddle, who would have thought
of it a dealer and a fence in the House of Lords!!!"

We have an interval now where I try to digest this
information and Mickey tries to digest my pussy.

"But the opium?" I asked and gasped as he fisted
"That was what fucked it up, he tried it and liked
it himself. Too much. Soon he was spending
days on end dreaming and his workers were
getting greedy and dishonest! Dishonest, that's
a laugh eh? Do you know he lost an absolute
fortune, but he was rich enough anyway, him and
his crazy wife. It all came out in some old codgers
memoirs, else Patrick might be ok now.
He's a marked man you know, many people are
after him, that's why I was assigned as his body
guard, to protect him.
Really though I've been waiting the time out
to catch him. Looks like I might have missed
my chance if he dies." Mick looked sad.
I knew all about chance, I kissed my copper deeply
then head butted him as hard as I could.
Nothing happened.
My nose again throbbed like a squashed tomato.
"I didn't expect that." Said Mickey conversationally.
"Keep on using your nose to hit people girl and
you are going to look like Owen Wilson."
He then crashed to the lift floor out cold.
I used this as a chance to get Patrick the hell
out of there!

Becka M

Thursday, September 08, 2005


I shivered, Patrick a junkie! It did not seem real and opium!
The only person I ever knew who used that was Sherlock
Holmes and he was *fictional!"
"What does that mean Mickey? What's going to happen
My head felt tight like it would explode with tension
and my armpits were suddenly drenched with sweat.
"Damage limitation is the name of the game, I'm here to
deter the Press, at least until the old bastard wakes up
or croaks!" He laughed humourlessly.
I hit him hard in the chest, he crushed my hand painfully.
"Easy girlie! I'm here to help, you should be nice to me,
maybe all isn't lost yet." His green eyes shone with intent
and he began to claw at my top again.
"I like a hot sticky girl." He crooned.
"Mick you have to stop it! For my sanity please! Alan is
my boyfriend! Please don't mess my head up again, why do
you do it? Fuck me up I mean?"
I held his hands away, but it was futile he was much
stronger then me.
"Because you are the easiest lay in South London and
perhaps I like you too much. I think over the years you
owe me big time, all the scrapes I pulled you out of.
Times you could have been arrested, cunt boyfriends,
stalkers- you name it! Becka you will always be my girl."
I swear when Mickey grinned he had grown more teeth.
"Then tell me about Patrick, the opium, everything,
then we will see!" What else could I do? I was powerless,
normally a turn on, but this was something else.
Mickey had always been dominant, but this was like
Straw's Law-I was being made to do it!
Not what I had in mind.
I had to have some control.
I wished I was warm in Alan's bed covered by the
chocolate brown eiderdown, eating fingers of buttered
toast and drinking hot sweet tea.
Instead I was in a lift with Mr irresistible, who breathed
his nicotine breath down my top.
"We will start at the beginning with the poppies
and end with your freak Father."
As he said that Mick slipped a finger into my pussy
from behind.
"Just the way you like it." Mickey nibbled my earlobes.

I liked it alright, but this was the wrong man!

Becka M

* Well I think he was bloody well real enough!

Friday, September 02, 2005

DUST Part Three (Powder)

I felt that post orgasm thrum in my bladder, I
had to pee.
"Wait for me." I said to Alan, one day we would
be happy on the beach, in the sun, not a care.
We might, Alan was fairly well off and I'm good
at sitting on my arse. It could happen.
But that would not be today.
Definitely not.
I left Alan in one corridor and turning to find the
wc's , I practically collided with Mickey Straw.
"Mick!" I said (for that was his name).
His eyes were flinty and harsh, they had a new edge
to them that I had never seen before.
"Becks." He gripped me by the shoulders."I wondered
if I might see you here." He smirked, he seemed
pleased with himself as always.
"Well of course where else would I be when Patrick
might be dying!" The words said made me feel hollow
and sick and the urge to urinate was great.
"Excuse me will you? I have to find the ladies."
I tried to push past him.
"You don't know do you? Why Patrick's here."
"He's had a heart attack!" I snapped.
"Yeah, under mitigating circumstances, your Dads
in big trouble." That fucking smirk again.
"Tell me." I felt deflated, it was all coming to
a head now.
"Go and pee, I'll meet you here." Mickey commanded.
"Alan's waiting." I said weakly.
"Well let's not keep the man then! Hurry up girl."
Never have I peed so quickly.
"Well?" I said.
"Not here, the press are around, come on."
The Press? Oh all that stuff Catherine the Geek
had gone on about.
I felt torn really, I wanted to go back to Alan, but
I had to find out what was going on in Patrick's
life. That meant Mickey Straw, for someone who
had always made me feel safe and warm, he was
scaring the shit out of me now.
He pushed me into a staff lift.
"Up we go!" He said and his eyes had a twinkle,
next minute hands were down my top and
scrabbling at my waist band.
"Wait a minute! What are you doing? It's over
Straw get it?"
He laughed in my face.
"This is nothing love the calm before the storm."
His knee was parting my legs and his hand was
scrunching my breast like a sponge.
"Ouch! That hurts, tell me about Patrick!" I began
to punch and slap Mickey around the face.
Didn't last long.
He managed to get my arm up behind my back.
"Your Dad is in so much trouble they are going
to have to invent a different word for it!" He
thrust his hand down and opened his flies.
"Just give it a tug for old times sake hey love?"
I spat on it.
"Fuck you Copper!" I knew that he would hate
that and sure enough his attention was diverted.
"You bitch! Been around your swanky wanky
prick Alan too long haven't you? Always looking
down on the working man! Well baby I know
sooner or later you are going to come crawling
back. No matter, I'll think of a suitable punishment
for you." He laughed:"Patrick is punishment
for you in itself!"
"Mickey." I whispered my heart beating:"What is
going on please, I must know."
Mick lit a cigarette and passed it to me, in a
hospital too!
"Your Patrick Beamish has been a very bad boy!
Not only has he decided to become a high class
drugs baron, he's also addicted to the crap himself!"
I sat down in the lift, Pa a druggie.
"Coke?" I said.
"Nothing so coarse, get this your ole man is an
opium addict!"
So from dust to powder.
I began to cry.

Becka M