Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Dr Hassan pulled on my jaw for all her worth, nope it
didn't click back.
The twins stood either side of me, trying to stifle their
giggles and failing miserably.
The good lady Doctor finally managed to put her hands
in my mouth and kind of re-hooked my jaw bone.
"Whatever were you doing?" She asked.
I shrugged and was stuffed into one of those surgical collars
that made me look like a sinister German geezer.
"Whatever you did, please don't do it again!" Said the Doctor.
"I can assure you I won't!" I snapped and glared at the twins.
Now all I had to do was go home, get back into the house
and try to explain to Alan why I was now in a neck brace.
I'll blame the peanut butter sandwich.
HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS! Let's hope 2007 is a pretty
do-wop year!