Wednesday, August 31, 2005

DUST (IER) Part Two

We found a store cupboard, very small and tight and
stocked with green surgical wear. I slipped into a
tunic and some of those socks they give patients to
avoid DVTs, I looked foolish I know.
"We can't." Said Alan:"I haven't got a johnnie on me."
Johnnie! How quaint, that is why I love him guys, he
always makes me laugh.
"Don't worry about it." I assured him:"You can come in
my mouth instead."
"Well put like that." He purred, Mr Adaptable as ever!
I was soon crouched over like some horny Orderly
setting the world to rights with my lips and teeth.
His fingers worked overtime in my snatch, I swear
that man has the longest, most pointiest fingers in
the world. They reach the parts other fingers cannot
"Eat me." I commanded.
"What do you want me to eat?" He said and his voice
was magical, sending me over the edge in anticipation.
"Lick my clit."
"The way you speak! Can't you say lady petals or
something prettier?"
I snorted.
"I will never say lady petals! I'd rather say piss flaps,
or camel toe!" I was laughing and peaking all the time
with my tongue doing the swirly swirl.
"You are a wicked terrible girl and I love it all! Especially
this bit!"
He laid me across a locker and pulled down my knickers
kissing my belly button and cupping my buttocks.
He began to french kiss my clitty, nibbling and licking
making me lock his head with my Beyonce thighs.
Alan stopped.
"Becka you are crushing my head!"
"You will be!" He warned.
I was soon wet and wild, creaming on his tongue and
shuddering as if I was being attacked by a conga eel.
"You are a creature set on pleasure." He said:"You
amaze me." Alan kissed me roughly.
"Now be a good girl and get dressed, we need to
see to your Father."
Reality is shit sometimes.
Back in the corridor Alan giggled.
"Becka you have gone grey!" He brushed my hair:"Dust."

I would get a lot greyer before the night was out and it
was not funny.

Becka M

Sunday, August 28, 2005

DUST Part One

I sat there doggedly watching Patrick's face for
signs of consciousness.
God I loved him.
Without desire.
He was my Father.
He couldn't leave me now could he?
Catherine watched me from her chair like one of those
fey Welsh women you see in faded postcards.
Colourless and full of spite she berated me and Patrick
time and time again. She reminded me of dust and cobwebs.
"Of course you realize that your Mother was a common
prostitute?" She snarled showing small pointed teeth
like Justine's.
What were they cat-people or something?
"Yeah Ma's never hid it, at least we ate I suppose."
I tried to make light of it, but it was nasty. I was the
child, it was not my fault who made me and definitely
not my fault Ma was a brass.
"Patrick always liked to put his dick in the shit! Your
Mother used to scrub my floors, how does that make
you feel?" Her voice was like a rasp.
"Feel? Not much at all actually, no let me re-phrase
that, I'm sorry for you. Sorry you are so bitter
and twisted, sorry you like the sherbert too much.
Sorry you can't act like a wife, he might die, then
"You filthy little whore! If he dies, then good! If he
survives he's not going to like it, me knowing about you
and the press knowing about his other little secret."
She smiled in a demented way, I knew a lot was bravado,
of course she cared about her husband. But this secret,
what was it? I demanded to know.
"Tell me!" I raged.
"You will find out tomorrow if our man can't stop
the press."
"I have a right to know!"
I did not know I was shouting, a nurse came running.
"What are you doing?" She glowered at me. "I think
you had better calm down Miss."
"I'm going to get some air." I ran my hand through my
hair, which was standing up in filthy tangles and spikes.
Nice. The lobby was filled with sick people waiting, their
loved ones and medical staff.
Then I saw him.
He sat in the waiting room, so dark and imposing,
when he saw me he sprang up and held me to him.
"Raine phoned me." He kissed my hair:"How is he?"
"Not good."
I stroked his dark grey shirt, grey you see not black,
must be summer! I loved his daftness. I smelt his
neck, delicious and mine.
"Maybe." I said and squeezed his arm: "You might have
ideas about taking the edge off my nerves?" I leered at him.
He looked shocked.
"Becka! Patrick might be dying and you want to......!?"
It was a bit sick I must admit, but I needed to feel
safe and alive and this was the one way I knew would
"We need to find a store cupboard. Preferably with
surgical tape."
Alan began to warm to the idea.

Becka M

Monday, August 15, 2005


"What are you doing here?" Snarled Justine implying
something nasty, something sordid.
What could I say? Patrick had never told Catherine about
me, they probably thought I was his tart!
I looked around helplessly.
"I got a call." I said weakly.
"From whom young woman?" Said Catherine, I didn't
like her one little bit. Imagine a woman so cold that she
made my Ma seem like hotstuff!
Who was the call from?
"From the hospital, from Patrick himself, he wanted
Becka here. " Said Raine who appeared from no where
like the Shopkeeper in Mr Benn.
I smiled gratefully.
"And who are you exactly?" Said Catherine (Catherine The
Geek-I think).
"I'm Raine, Becka's sister." Raine smiled.
A wave of irritation spread over Catherine's face or
maybe she had indigestion or something.
"And who is this Becka?" She roared spraying Raine
with spittle. Bless her, she was good, Sister-thing I
mean, not an Eeew in sight and she didn't wipe either.
"Come on Becka, what are you doing here?" Said
Justine, she looked at Angela:"And what are you doing
with my girlfriend , exactly?"
Angela grinned.
"Jealous are we pet?" And smiled nastily.
Oooh none of this was good.
"Only two of us need to be here ok? That's Catherine
and myself. So could you all leave, Raine don't go too
far might need a lift home."
"Here's a twenty, I've had enough of this place it's
giving me the creeps." Raine left with D.
"Do you want me to wait?" Whispered Angela.
"No, take Justine before someone alerts a crash
team, I'll be fine."
Justine gave me a radioactive grimace and left
haughtily striding in front of Angela.
Catherine looked across at me over her prone
husband's body. She had a triumphant holier-then-
thou look on her bitter shrew's face.
"Catherine we really need to talk." I said.
She laughed, she actually laughed.
"What could we possibly have to say to eachother? I
suppose you think that you are the 'one'? "
That bitter weary laugh again.
"No, I'm not the one but I am certainly important to
I touched his hair.
"Don't you touch him you filthy little whore!" Snarled
this suddenly violent, scary woman.
"Catherine, I'm Patrick's daughter, he didn't want
you to know but that might be academic now."
Her milky blue eyes widened.
"I don't believe you!" She turned her back.
"It's true, look at me, really look at me, I'm
Patrick's girl alright!"
"Then I hope he dies!" She spat and burst into tears,
somehow I swallowed my fear and held her. She
was thin and lifeless as her poison niece Justine.
"You don't mean that." I said against the softness
of her hair, it smelt of roses, sort of Turkish delight
Her breath was a different story, it smelt like a
Vauxhall wino's.
"I think you should leave now." She said firmly.
"I'm not going anywhere."
"We will see."
We did.

Becka M

p.s off on hols now, speak later!!!! Rainexxx

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

TRUE BLUE (when they met it was moidur)

I clasped Angela's hand feeling it's warmth and
safety. Christ I'd been a fool! Skinner might be a
sad, stupid freak, but he was a dangerous sad
stupid freak! I should learn, really I should.
"Where is my wife?" Said D quietly.
"She's just coming." Said Angela, for a second I felt
terror, I mean Sister-thing is tiny, maybe she was
already in peril?
I shouldn't have worried, she bounced out of the
club, curls flipping and jaw like granite.
God I loved her(sometimes).
"Ok?" I said.
"Yeah 'course, me and Grady go way back, back
to school at any rate. Little ponce he was then,
hasn't improved much has he?"
"What did you do?" Said Angela.
"It was not so much as what I did as what I said!"
She began to snigger.
"What did you say?" I asked.
Raine snorted:" I'm not telling you , you would use
it! And it's far too precious for that!" She sniggered
"Tell us!" Implored Angela.
"Kiss my tootie! Oh you probably would-forget that then!"
So what ever she said, whatever she had over Grady
would stay hidden for now.
I couldn't worry anymore, she was safe and now I had
to concentrate on Patrick.
And later revenge.
Should I tell Alan d'ya think?
Maybe not-he's lovely but hardly the toughest cookie
in the bakery.
More crisp then crunch.
Sorry I'm rambling again.
I thought of Mickey Straw, I'm sure he would have
taken Skinner to a dark alley somewhere and given him
concrete boots or something.
Or maybe just a slap.
We reached Westminster hospital and went straight
to the cardiac unit.
Well he was out of intensive care and in his own room.
But he was unconscious and tubes seemed to be coming
out of everywhere.
"Can't be doing with that." Said a pale Sister-thing, her
and D went off to get coffee.
I sat holding Patrick's soft hand (never work these
Tory bastards) and just hoped he would be ok.
Angela looked into his face.
"Handsome, for an old guy."
I looked at him, yes he seemed older now without
his blue eyes showing his sardonic wit.
"Love you!" I said and kissed his mostly grey hair,
where had all the black gone recently?
"Just what do you think you are doing young woman?"
Said the imperious tone.
Looking I stared into the impossibly pale and angry face
of his wife Catherine.
That was not the worst.
She was being escorted by my nemesis, Justine.
"Morgues that way!" I said to her obligingly.
Angela just cringed.

Becka (lovely) M

Saturday, August 06, 2005


I could not believe I called him Master!
I just knew that I had to get past this moment, to
push forward in time to a place where I would be
safe with Alan and this would be a memory.
They tell you if you are kidnapped or in a hostage
situation the best thing to do would be to comply.
No matter how shitty it made you feel.
If you lived then you could always get your own back
another time.
Oh and I would.
To be sure.
Skinner would piss blood in hell for this if I had my way!
The sharp metal thing deep in my hoo-ha was Skinner's
nasty metal thumb claw, I was too scared to breathe,
too scared to move, less I be scratched inside.
It was not sexy.
He thought it was.
"You are lovely." He purred in my ear:"I could eat you up,
all of you." I had to stop myself from head butting
him. Was I losing my nerve? He was groaning and twisting
Skinner, to think I liked him once.
Well the idea of him.
And I realized that he was fucked.
Fucking insane.
Grange Hill Nutjob.
I'm really quite slow on the uptake.
In the other room I heard Angela screeching about figures
What were they doing to her?
"I'm going to lick you all over." Promised Skinner.
I shivered. If I got out of this I would make bald-boy
If I got out.
I was pathetic.
But I was alive.
Then I heard raised voices.
One voice in particular.
"I don't give a fuck! Where is my bloody sister?"
Sister-thing Raine!
The door handle started to turn.
"Dress yourself." Said Skinner harshly and withdrew
his claw, I could breathe again.
I felt like a droopy ragdoll, I was sodden with perspiration.
I heard Grady's voice.
"She not here."
"I know she's here! Becka get your arse out here
NOW!" Raine boomed.
The door opened and she entered.
"You can't go in there." Said Neck who was looking freaked.
"Try and stop me." She said.
Raine entered the room all electric hair and nervous
She looked at me, sweaty, shaky and pale.
Skinner, sweating red and excited.
"Would somebody please explain to me what the
fuck is going on?"
Nobody did.
Angela entered , another sweaty disheveled person.
"I don't want to know!" Roared Raine:"Becka I had
to find you." She placed a hand on my shoulder:"It's
Patrick, he's, ah, had a heart attack."
I began to shiver again.
Sometimes it's hard to cope.
Raine felt my forehead:"You ok?" She said:"You are
burning up!" She looked at Skinner.
"What were you doing?" Her light voice belied her
rage, she looked at him as though he had crawled
from under a stone.
Skinner smiled to reveal his fangs.
Raine pulled a eeww face.
"Nothing she didn't want." He lisped.
Raine's mouth set into a smile line, the small cleft
in her chin vanished-she was grinding her teeth
"Angela take Becka out to the car, it's a
Volvo, blue." Her voice was of a woman not to
be ramped with.
Angela nodded and pulled me along.
Bloody hell.
Patrick! If I lost him now I would surely die!
Don't know how she got me through the swaying,
baying crowd, but she did.
"Come on kid." Said Angela, we approached the Volvo,
D looked at us. He didn't say anything.
Smart man.
We piled in.
"Hey D." I said and sniffed, he nodded and looked
"What happened to you?" Said Angela.
I shook my head and horror! Two tears rolled down
my face.
Blast I hated to cry.
Waste of salt.
"Ok, I was trying to get Grady to call off that bald
thug. I was asking him to name a price, any figure.
But he wouldn't, he just smiled." She frowned.
That was what she was yelling at.
I pulled my top up and blew my nose on the hem,
catching D's eye in the mirror, he turned away.
"You would do that for me?" I said in astonishment.
"Well yeah! I've put up with a lot of crap from
you, but you are still my number one." She hugged
me tightly.
Something very comforting about her large breasts.
Talking of tits-what was Raine doing?

Becka (survival of the fittest) M

Thursday, August 04, 2005


"That was silly wasn't it?" Said Skinner and whacked
me across the cheek with a back hander.
"Possibly, but not as silly as your lisp, didn't they
have speech therapists at your school?"
His mouth fell in shock as if he could not believe I would
talk to him like that, then he smiled.
Not a nice smile.
Seen better grins on a pumpkin.
So I cleared my throat and spat full throttle into his
The smile slipped for a moment.
Then he grabbed me by the hair and used me too mop
up my mess.
The smile stuck in place like a trophy from hell.
"No matter." He said and began to yank my knickers
"You can't have me you know, I love Alan and only
Alan (maybe Ruth a little) so you can fuck me, but
you will only be getting part of me." I said quickly.
Skinner looked thoughtful.
"That's ok too, It's your body I want most of all, the
rest, well Becka I never dated you for your brain did
I? Alan can have that, Daddy's coming home!"
He turned me over and brought the belt sharply across
my buttocks, it really hurt! Not a gentle to firm spankie,
this was the real McCoy!
The skin on my bum retracted quickly and the heat
pummelled me.
I moaned.
"Nice huh?" He said approvingly:"Or not? Mmm, let's
try harder shall we?"
I felt like my body wanted to evacuate from every orifice.
The body was under attack-the mind, well as he said,
didn't have much of one did I? In my head I knew what
would stop all suffering and pain.
One word.
One little word.
Would I call Skinner that?
Would I fuck!
Not yet-let him do his worst.
And worst came.
Skinner produced a rope and still smiling his eerie smile
began to bind my torso, everytime I fought him he gave
me a dead arm.
The rope held me constrained like a straight jacket and
my small breasts looked over inflated and shiny. My nipples
looked like they belonged on a porn star.
He sucked one, horribly too, dribbling and slobbering
like a sicko.
"This little piggie came to market." He said and bit my
nipple hard. So hard it bled.
"This little piggie stayed at home." He flicked that poor
gal with the buckle end of his belt, he'd skinned it for
"And this little piggie." He licked my cheek like it was
a toffee apple. I felt his hands squirm between my thighs
and something metal and cold enter me.
I screamed like a maiden aunt in a full time bath.
In a corner of my mind I hid and almost watched myself
being brutalized.
I was dead in the head.
I could not connect with what was happening to my
body. My straining sore breasts, my vagina pulling away
from the metal invader.
"Call me Master." Said the voice of GOD.
"Call me Master and this will STOP." Echoed his holiness.
"Master." I said in the smallest voice.
"Say my name." He said.

Becka M