Saturday, January 28, 2006


It's that morning feeling, you know, furtive
glances, shame, embarrassment, did I shag that?
I know it all too well, alas for Alan, eye contact today
was hard work for him and as for Mal! Sweet Jesus,
he looked all Bambi after his Ma had been shot.
Hmmm bet you are wondering if they had hot boy
action together? No? No actually, meaning yes,
oh fuck I've lost my thread. Mal gave Alan a blow
and Alan did enjoy it. Then he freaked out big time
and called us both a pair of cunts, how could we do
that to him? Then Mal gets all offended and accused
Alan of leading him on. Then Alan had a frenzy
so loud Patrick and Catherine shouted from their
bedroom for him to hush up. Then Alan and Mal are
shocked that Patrick is talking and demand to know
when he recovered.
Then I burst into tears and got completely ignored.
I felt like Jodie Marsh.
And now it is morning and Patrick is making everyone
French Toast (eggy bread for you dullards).
Dullards, I've been with Alan too long.
I wanted Sister-thing Raine, Ruthie, Alex and
Mickey Straw.
Not Eggy bread!
Everyone sat around the breakfast bar like The Last
Supper, I sipped my coffee and looked at Patrick's
Boy was he pissed with me still!
Catherine looked like she had been sleeping with
the entire cast of Bumfights.
Alan looked like a candidate for Ritalin.
Mal looked like a Scottish Tranny, so manly was he
that he made Grayson Perry look convincing (though
still more convincing then Camilla).
"Well this is comfortable." I said.
Nobody replied.
"I hate you all." I said with feeling.
Then I told each in turn what I thought of them.
Not pretty.
Or clever.
But boy did it clear the air.

Becka M xxxxx

Monday, January 23, 2006


Wipeout! The one thing I love about sex is the fact
you can lose yourself to your body's own needs and
impulses. I felt like a shucked shrimp laying there
with two men catering to my every need, every
twitch and jerk. Cool! Ok ok I'm a dirty 'ho, so what?
I just melted into a frenzy of tongues and fingers
exploring every inch and every taste of me.
If I was the Queen I would have that kind of treatment
everyday, I mean what's the point of a crown if
you can't make people do things to you? I don't know,
maybe she does, that's why old people walk so slow-
all the sex when they were young finally get's to them.
And their dicks.............mmmmmm
What a way to go, Alan gorgeous, mine, tolerant soppy
bastard. Mal, also mine in a girlie way, but he seemed
to also get a kick out of watching Alan.
All that thrusting.
Suits you Sir!
One moment I was sandwiched between two hot men,
next I'm riding on Mal's back whilst giving Alan a BJ.
Call me lucky.
Now if Ruth was here I would be in Fuck-Heaven UK.
Maybe even Mickey Straw.
Or the twins. Mmmm twins, now that would be a dainty
dish to set before the Queen.
I felt Mal and Alan both start to tense and strain, oh
come on! Not now!
But yes they came.
In me.
And that made me come too.
We lay sodden and sticky, just our breathing heavily to
show that we were still alive.
Mal's sexy eyes were watching Alan intently, next moment
he began to stroke Alan's firm chest.
"Don't." Said Alan, with his eyes shut.
Mal grinned and his hand slipped lower.
I held my breath.
"Don't." affirmed Alan, but his dick started to slowly rise.
Mal held the semi hard member in his hand and stroked
it's moist head.
"D..dd." Mumbled Alan, his face reddened and his eyes
opened. "Becka." He said.
"Go with it." I said assuringly.
Mal bent and kissed and sucked.
"Oh fuckedy fuck!" Said Alan.

Yep that said it all really.

Becka M

Tuesday, January 17, 2006


I remembered Ruth yanking down my knickers
and examining me like the consummate professional
she would be.
"Very nice, be prettier when you get a bit
of fluff." She commented.
"I suppose you are already covered in hair?"
I said, Ruth grinned and pulled down her pants
to show her hairless slit.
"Nah, no hair yet, I'm not sure if I want it." (Ruth
would later become one of the first women in
the UK to go for the Hollywood wax). She always
liked her lines clearly defined, even then.
We all thought she was odd, square even, who
would know she would be a trend setter
and a damn good shag?

I sat back on the lodge step grinning broadly
to myself like a nutter. Fucking Ruth! She
had me all hot and bothered. I decided to find
Alan. He shared the bed with Mal, the space in
the middle (for me) empty. Carefully so that
I didn't wake Mal, I sneaked in between them.
I began to stroke Alan's belly, enjoying the
smoothness and the crispy hair as I moved my
hand lower.
He moaned and turned in the bed, seeing me he
smiled sleepily.
"Keep your hands to yourself." He whispered:"Though
it would be nice." The exibitionist in Alan could not
be quelled.
I pulled my top off and wriggled out of my panties
waking Mal accidently. He looked at me questionly.
I gave my head a tiny shake, he caught on and
pretended to be asleep, the bloody pervert!
"We will have to be quiet." I hissed and got on
top of Alan, stark naked with Mal watching me
through slitted eyes I straddled my prey and
gently moved my hips.
Mal was good, really good, but he could not hide
the sheet infront of him rising like a sail!
Good job Alan didn't see it, would have scared him
half to death! It was scaring me!
Alan grinned and fingered my clit as I rode him,
I reached behind me and massaged his balls.
He stopped grinning and reached up to suck
on my titties frantically. Mal's fingers snaked
out and began to stroke my bottom, that tore
it, I came to juddering halt. Alan bucked
and shortly came.
"Sorry." He mumbled, embarrassed he had come
so quickly.
Next thing I knew Mal was slipping through the
sheets and going down on me!
I was disgusted (yet strangely turned on) as he
lapped up my come and Alan's.
"What's going on? Oh I say!" Yelped Alan, he
began to pant like a man torn between doing
'the right thing' or just enjoying what was
happening. He chose the latter.
"I don't know what to say!" He said.
"Then shut up!" Said Mal throatily:"Ye taste
good hinny." Mal winked at Alan:" Don't ye
worry Pal, Aye will save ye some!" What he
meant by that I did not know, either Alan
was getting seconds of me, or Mal was going
to do the same to Alan. Whatever, I lay back
and thought of Daddy.
"This is depraved!" Said Alan.
I nodded, but what was a girl to do?

Becka Martin XXXXXXX

Wednesday, January 11, 2006


"You bloody little fool!" Shouted Patrick:"I thought
you had sense girl!"
Tears ran down my face, not only was my father a
murdering bastard, corrupt entrepreneur and
a Conservative MP, he was also very pissed with
me! I fought the urge to say sorry.
"I'm so disappointed in you, but then what did I
expect really? You came from the gutter!" Patrick
threw down his lit cigar butt which fizzled out in the
I sat shocked and trembling, bastard! I loved him
so much. I needed to get away now this second,
even another moment would be too slow! However
I was fully aware that I was miles from nowhere
and everyone one was asleep. The only thing I could
do was to travel inwards-to hide in a pleasant
memory from the past.
Strangely enough I chose Ruth.
"Whatcha doing?" Said the strange young girl with
the worst bowl haircut I had ever seen.
"What's it look like?" I snapped, she was scrawny
younger then me and obviously a loser.
"Dunno, that's why I asked!" She sat next to me
on the bench near the green on our estate.
"If you must know I'm writing a list of what I want
to get for my birthday."
"But the page is blank."
"That's because.....well never mind. Clear off anyway
I don't like you." I turned away from her:"And you
smell." I added for good measure.
"Charming! Well I think you and I will be good friends
when you stop being a cow .." She smiled:"Here
have a spangle." She passed me a sweet, grudgingly I
accepted it as I was a kid and that's what they do.
"Thanks." I said. I was aware she was staring at me.
"Pretty aint ya?"
"Prettier then you." I said.
She laughed:"I'm Ruthie, I know you, you're Becka
"I don't want to know you, you are a funny kid."
I turned away from her.
"Look who's talking! Fuck it let's have a fag."
And there I began a relationship with nicotine
that has lasted many moons. Later that day she
would put her hand down my knickers, for a dare
that is.

Becka M