Saturday, August 12, 2006


Alan did that hunchy thing with his shoulders, kind
of between a cringe and and shrug, Americans would
say he looked adorable. I however knew him that much
better, he looked decidedly shifty.
"Go on then." I said as encouragingly as a Northern Woman
from an Alan Silletoe novel.
He smirked, grimaced and finally smiled.
"Those Twins." He started.
Go on go on go on go arn! I thought in the style of Mrs Doyle
(Father Ted).
"They are not my cousins." A ravishing smile:"They are my
sons." He said simply.
2 hours later when I had finished screaming, we discussed

Becka Mmartini xxx

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


"Will you love me when I'm old and grey?" I said
fluttering my eyelashes and squeezing my vagina
which was tightly clamped around Alan's doopy-doo.
"You will never be old, as for grey, well I think I
spied your first grey already." Said my lover as he
pushed me up and down like a kid on a see-saw,
(ooh that sounded eeewww but you know what I
"I've been going grey for years." I said and tucked a lock
behind my ears.
Alan shook his head:"No I mean a grey on your fairy-ann
my dear."
Hollywood here I come.
He bit my neck like Vlad (or Gary Oldman) and ran
his fingers through my damp hair (on my head!)
and traced strange patterns into my sweaty skin.
"Let's not talk about love, see Ruth tomorrow and
see how you feel." Alan said quietly.
Suddenly we heard a smash from the kitchen.
I clung to Alan my heart racing.
"Calm down. It's only the twins staying for a few days."
"Oh." I said, oh my gosh!
I grinned.
"Not sure if I like that smile much, anyway perhaps the
time is right to tell you a little secret."
"I don't know if I want to know any more secrets!" I gripped
his thin face. "Not more shit huh?"
"Past shit, shit that shouldn't change anything, shit a lighter
shade of shit." He grinned.

Becka MMMMMmmmmm