Saturday, December 31, 2005


Monday, December 26, 2005


"The Corpse root from the Corpse tree is very
much innate until activated. To make the spell a
special ceremony has to be undertaken and it is
as dark and terrible as you can imagine." Patrick
said dourly. "Like all Hoodoo or Voodoo as the
cinema people would let you believe, it is very
much a ritual formed on belief that the dead walk
among us and the Gods use us as their playthings.
Dada So had marked out a circle of fire and his
congregation danced wildly around it, drunk and
drugged on hashish and the whiskey I had supplied.
I stood naked but for a loincloth, tied to a stake
and I too was high and delirious."
Oh that was where I got the bondage bug from!
"Dada So began to screech strange and eerie commands
in a voice that was not his own, soon a young girl of
about 16 or 17 was brought through the crowd to
kneel before me. She was sweating profusely but
seemed calm and controlled as she gently loosened
the cloth that covered my manhood."
"No no no! I don't want to hear this! Eeew!" I
squealed repelled at the idea of my father naked
and bound.
"Sssh! Her fingers traced patterns over my chest
and she stood up and kissed me hard on the mouth.
The crowd began to hum and buzz with excitement
as an older woman dressed in red robes danced
with Dada So. By older I mean then the girl,
this woman was about 30 I guess. Live hens were
placed in her hands and she swung them around her
head by their legs. Suddenly and without warning she
bit a chicken's head straight off and placed the still
kicking and flapping body against my chest.
The blood coursed down me, the girl at my feet
began to retrace those patterns again this time in
blood. A second bird was decapitated and this blood
was soon streaming over the girl's hot bare breasts.
I felt very aroused and feverish, the girl mumbled
sweet nothings and mounted me. Someone cut the
cord that bound my hands so I could hold her to me.
She moaned and screamed with her passion.
I was soon rutting as hard and as wildly as any animal
in the jungle. The crowd encouraged me me
with catcalls of approval. Not before or since have I
ever felt that much a man. Male, totally male and
voracious! Whatever was happening kept me hard
without release, if circumstances hadn't changed I
would have gone on all night."
I shuddered, what picture for my tender head to
get around.
"Cut to the chase Pa, no more sex stuff." I said.
"I'm telling you the only way I know how."
He breathed deeply, trying to compose himself:
"Then Dada So stood behind her and I saw a flash-
it was his blade as he cut the girl's throat! No
I screamed! But it was too late, as we crashed
to the ground together and her life blood enveloped
me I knew she was already gone."
"Fucking hell." I said.
"There's more." Patrick said and stared directly
into my eyes. "I withdrew myself from her body
and was shocked to see blood on my penis, the
girl had been a virgin. Dada So became very
animated and he produced something that looked
like a wooden corkscrew."
"Did he stick it up your arse?" I asked hopefully.
"Rebecca this is hard enough, be sensible! He
placed this within the girl, then he rubbed it on my
chest which was covered with her blood and that
of the chicken's. Then he said that for now it
was over, the root would be buried with the girl
and on the 12th night after her funeral I
would have to dig it up at midnight using my
bare hands!"
"This sounds like a really bad movie! You
didn't did you?" But of course I knew he had,
he had done everything required to keep
himself alive, even at the expense of the
innocent. In my eyes he had fallen from grace
bigtime. Drugs, smuggling, whatever, but this
was too much.
"Damn right I dug it up! It was bound to her waist.
Was it worth it? Yes I've had a wonderful life. And
here it is now, look!" He placed a gnarled wood shard
in my hand. "It has been well used that is why there
is not much left. But what there is I give to you,
my beloved daughter. Use it wisely."
I looked at him and his eyes were twinkling, he looked
very much like a Gandalf sort person. If Gandalf was
a murdering bastard that is.
"I can do what I like with this?" I asked.
"Of course." He smiled serenely.
"Then this is my choice." I threw the evil twist straight
into Loch Ness.
I watched his face turn white like the snow and
I laughed at him.
"You are pathetic! If I had known I would have
let you rot in hospital!"

Becka M

Saturday, December 24, 2005


Becka M & Rainex

Monday, December 19, 2005


"The Corpse Root is fantastic! If you take enough
you literally 'die', that is until you have the antidote.
I took enough to have a heart attack and then
still my vital functions." Patrick said proudly.
I glared at him.
"You scared the shit out of us all and then you crow
about it like Peter Pan! You are an old guy for fucks
sake! Have you no responsibility? What about Catherine?
What about me?"
Patrick laughed:"Needs must when the devil drives." He
"Don't you cliche me! Don't you dare, when we have been
running around after you and I had to wear scrubs
and a leotard and I looked stupid." I shook so much my
fag as fell down my top." Shit!" I snapped wiping away
the ash.
"Catherine is beyond caring at what I do as long as I include
her, as for you, well let us just say I might have an
interesting offer to put to you." He handed me a fresh ciggie.
"Tell me about Dada So, how did this all happen?"
"As I said before me and So were like brothers when
I left Haiti for South Africa he came with me. He was very
much in his element there, he said the place had a certain
wildness to it that attuned the spirits, his magic was
potent and he soon had a small but discreet trade in
spells and potions. Mostly a white clientele, does that
surprise you?"
"No." I said as I hadn't got the connection.
"The White's had the heavy duty money, the were the
ones who safaried, the hunters of big game, the drug
dealers, the pimps."
"Men like you you mean?" I scanned his face but as
ever it was cool, detachedly smug.
"If you like, a certain kind of man, aging, afraid of his
own mortality, his impotence, his power leaving him.
These guys would pay anything for a hard dick and
remember this was before Viagra. White Devils the
blacks called us, not completely incorrect.
So became comfortable with his life just as mine started
to break down. I was too attached to my opium,
fantasy and dreams, I hadn't done a days work for years,
there was always someone I could pay to do it for me.
Life caught me and I was in a bad way, So devised a spell
that would be my wild card, my way out and my salvation."
Patrick leaned against me. "Please do not hold this
against me Rebecca, remember I was desperate."
"I'll try not to."I looked across the loch and wondered
if spells and magic were true then perhaps Nessie swam
beneath it's satin waters. Yeah right!
I was still waiting for the sex and chickens bit!

Becka M

Monday, December 12, 2005


"Just tell me." I said. To be honest I was a bit pissed
off, all this running around hoo-ha and there he was
large as life!
"Firstly I want to thank you my dear, you have done
very well for me and I am so proud of you." He squeezed
my arm.
"Yes yes!" I said impatiently:"I'm great, I know, get
on with it."
Patrick grinned and puffed his smoke into the chill
air where it made ribbons and swirls.
"I've traveled extensively in my life Rebecca and one
of the most interesting places I have ever visited
was Haiti." Another puff:"A place where life is cheap
and women are wicked!" A deep chuckle:"That is
where I met Dada So."
"So?" I was getting irritable and no pun was intended
even though I had made one.
"Dada Soleila, a great man, we were if you like, brothers
under the skin. For all our cultural differences, he was
the person I could most relate to." He frowned.
"Ok, he was your lover." I nodded, sex, I could understand
"Rebecca!" Patrick laughed and cuffed my ear:"No! He was
my best friend, my confidante and to think he was once
my servant. No matter, what I need to tell you will
explain everything, everything that is about being near to
"Oh I'm not sure I want to know about death!"
"Rebecca, it might save your life one day!
Listen closely, Dada So was a Hoodoo Priest,
every day was spent in some way atoning to his gods
and acting out their will. Of course I thought it was rubbish
at first, you would with my upbringing. I just thought it
was a chance to tear up a few chickens and have
wild sex, so I was happy.
It turned out that Dada So's Real World was very
real indeed.
The dead can rise and the living can act as dead.
Anything is possible."
"If you start on about Zombies I shall scream." I warned.
"You are such a girl, it was a ritual, The Way of the Corpse
that allowed me to have a heart attack."
"I don't want to hear this but, go on." I hoped it would
be all sex and chickens.

Becka 'Freak-out' M

Monday, December 05, 2005


I was a fool, the worst kind, a fool that thought she
was clever, a real player, when in fact I was the one
being taken for a ride!
How could I not see that Mal had the hots for Alan?
Was I that blind? Apparently so.
Yeah sure Mal flirted, but he flirted with everyone,
even D! And he'd fucked me!
I felt very bad about this though, it was like the
stories you read in Bella, 'Gay Best Friend Stole
My Man!' and now lives next door etc.
I couldn't stand it.
Not Alan.
I was sitting on the lodge's verandah, very much a
suffering Southern Belle (if you could account for
the cold, the snow, the fact I was in Scotland and
a Cockney!) But you get the picture, I puffed away
on my ciggie like it was a lifeline-bastards!
How could they do this to me?
If Alan turned gay on me now, that really would
be it.
End of.
End of life as I know it at any rate.
Those small hours in the night, why is it that you
always have to think about deep shit at that time?
I thought about Angela, hey she could marry Justine
for real now, oh if Justine wasn't already doing the
rug munch on Ruthie that was.
What was it about the girl that sent shivers down my
The insanity, the violence, or just the sweet tongue
sending me wild.
If I was truly gay then she really would be my girl.
And she gave a good haircut.
I thought of Alex happy with Sean, but oblivious to
the rest of us buggers, no change there then!
I thought of Mickey Straw and how pissed off he must
be with me and how much I would miss shagging him
as that door had well and truly closed.
I thought of Jeff so sexy, such a bastard and how
happy we had been, correction, how happy I had
thought we were before Estelle.
I thought of the twins Jude and Quinn and as always
felt a cheesy grin spread over my face like Pluto
or something! Those boys, made for love and 100%
I thought of Skinner and giggled, he was my moment
of madness bless his heart!
Mal, dirty dirty bastard! I chuckled and puffed again.
I thought of Raine, D and Aidan, shit I would have
to phone her as she would be worried.
And extremely angry!
I watched my plume of smoke trail into the icy air
and was surprised to see it joined by another.
I turned and nearly pissed my pants in shock!
Patrick stood there smoking a cafe cigar.
He looked good.
He should have looked like shit.
He looked as hale and whole as though he had just
returned from a cruise in the Caribbean.
What was going on?
He sat down next to me and smiled:"I'd better
"Well, yeah!" I pinched his arm, sure he was real
Patrick kissed my hair and sniggered.
"Becka, do you believe in the supernatural?"

Becka M