Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Goo Goo Alan

"You are a sight for sore eyes!" I beamed at
Alan in the near empty pub we had found near the
tube station.
I was drinking vodka lemonade and lime and
drinking in Alan too. I was playing with my drink
really I hardly touch alcohol and I don't want to ride
that horse anymore.

"I have missed you, just never seemed right
contacting you after all this time. Still fate
intervened." He smiled and his greying black hair
fell into his face like a cool winters night.
Gotta love that man.

"Me too, all the shit we went through and the good
times too, kinda blocked me from casual contact
with you, know what I mean?" I said ruefully.

I had filled him in about Ruth, never his favourite
person but it made him laugh.

"I know she's dear to you but what an impossible woman!
Simon suits her to the ground." He smirked.

"No the way it's going, it's like she is disappearing.
Damn, I've lost too many people, you included! I'm
not going to lose her! It's like he's taken her fight
away. She's a er, pussy, for lack of a better word!"

"People change you have to get used to it Becks." He

"Do you think I've changed?" As soon as I said that
I could have cut my tongue out and thrown it across
the room! Eejit me!

"Um you've, ah. filled out a bit, you seem sadder
and a bit calmer. But essentially the same, it's not
been that long! Same old Becks eh?" He stroked my face.

"Sad old fat me yeah I get the picture! No worries I'm
jogging everyday eventually I will regain myself." I
wished he had said I was beautiful, sexy, but sad, fat?
A girl's bubble bursteth and then:

"You are not a girl anymore Becka, you are a mature woman,
changes are natural, look at my hair." He shook his icy
hair at me.

"Big sodding deal, I may be 100 years old but I will
always be a girl, to me! Yes you have great hair, so
do I but if I let my hair show it's greys then I'm
into old bagsville while you look distinguished. Not fair
and cruel." I sipped my drink, hateful really, bitter nasty,
not my old brandy and coke treat.

"You havent lost any of your looks Becka, please don't
get the wrong idea." The hand on my face again.

Hey bud unless you are prepared to put that mutha hand
between my legs take the fucker off me! I didnt say it though.

"I'm going to have to dash soon, will we stay in contact?"
He said it lightly as if it was no big deal.

"I'd like that." I admitted, trying not to sound too keen.

He smiled and he was a boy, happy go lucky. He grabbed my
mobile off the table and tapped in his number and took mine.
He remembered I was useless at all things textical. However
years had gone by. I was as savvy as the next middle years

"OK I will text you. Soon. Let me know anything that happens
with looney Ruth and the fantastic Simon." He kissed me
softly on the lips, winked and then swooshed out all dark
and glamour. Fuck it.

Best Becka XXXXX

p.s THanks Lindy for you everloving support xxxxx

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Lindy said...

thanks? honey i love your writing & wouldn't miss out on your tales for nuffin!!!!