Sunday, June 06, 2010


Who gives a flying shit what he says? Bastard.
He hates me so much I can hear his teeth grinding
everytime he comes within a 1 mile radius!
The worst thing was I really wanted to give the guy
a chance you know?

When Ruth started dating him a couple of years back,
well I was sceptical, she is really such a big lezza
I thought it was just a whim. But more power to her
she stuck with it and really made the relationship
work. Albeit without ever introducing the cow son to
me. Then she says she's getting married please meet
this hunka love and approve him baby.

I was over from my Ruth thing anyway and I was really
happy for her, no really I was! I agreed to meet Mr
fucking perfection in this really dire throwback to
the 80's City pub. I was dressed in a really nice
Hannibal T shirt with black drainies and monkees but
I had paid special attention to my hair and make up.
I looked good in a roadie kind of way. I was early
so I had a large G & T and waited expectantly. I was
not nervous this was not my date this was a good thing!

Enter the dragon

Oh my gosh the worst thing was seeing Ruth dressed like
someone playing maiden aunt. Little skirt, little sweater
sensible shoes. Make up non existent.

I took a big gulp from my drink and smiled like someone
who had just bitten into a crunchy caterpillar on their
rocket salad.

Then I saw the lumbering ox she had attached to her hand,
I thought he was one of those monkies on a Radley bag
but no , he was a 6 foot neanderthal. Huge hulking body,
straight black hair cut for fuck sake like Vernon Kay
used to have. Blue eyes hidden by square rimmed specs, a
smile that would make a shark wince, white sharp and a
helluva lot of teeth. He was a one man advert for whitening.
However there was not an iota of warmth in his smile.

"I'm really pleased to meet you Becka, I've heard so
much about you." He said pleasantly enough and held my
hand a little too tightly.

Sometimes when someone does that you know that they fancy
you, but he almost hurt me, the pressure was there and
it felt like hate.

"Likewise Simon." I smiled back and freed my hand, I wanted
to wipe it on my jeans but that would have been rude.

"Honey can you go to the bar please?" Simon said to Ruth.

"Of course I can, red wine? Becka?" Ruth's voice sounded
dead posh.

I frowned at her. "G & T babes."

She left to tussle with the packed bar.

I turned my attention to Simon. " Ruthie is very pleased and
happy with you, I havent seen her so happy in years." I
said honestly.

Simon looked at me for a second and said: "I intend to keep
Ruth that way with or without your co operation." The voice
had such an open hostility that I hadn't heard in years. It
took me aback that's for sure.

"Ah not sure I understand where you are coming from Simon."
I admitted.

He leaned forwards just as Ruth was travelling back with the
drinks tray and hissed :"Ruth has told me everything about you
and if you want to remain a friend and included in her life
you are going to have to play by the rules."

I recoiled:"What the fuck are you talking about?"

"You are a bad influence and in my view a bad person. Ruth
will be my wife, I don't want anything messing that up. Look
at you , bloody pathetic woman. Oh darling you picked
a Merlot how clever of you!" Ruth had returned , he pulled her
close and they both smiled at me like couples do, Ruth with eyes
as hopeful orphan Annie Simon with a smile that made my stomach lurch.

The next time I saw him he told me the rules. Next time
I am here I will tell you them too.

Best Becka


Rainex said...

Hey Lindy thanks for the comments, it's nice too be back.

Lindy said...

Thanks? For what? I've been dying for you to come back & yayyy! You finally made it! Just don't ever leave us again, my heart couldn't take it. Love your stories & looking forward to reading every post.